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May 6, 2017
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How can I use VLC on a client device (such as another computer on my network) to play live TV from my MP 2.1 server?

For example, I have VLC Media Player installed on my Windows laptop. A full installation of MP 2.1 (server and client) is on another Windows machine on the same LAN.

As far as I can tell, to access a stream, I'm supposed to be able to open a stream using VLC Media Player, specifying a URL of the form:


Where I specify the IP address and port of the server machine, and a resource on the server.

However, I can't find documentation on what resource to specify in place of "xxx" in the URL. Nor am I sure that MP 2.1 supports RTSP clients in this manner.

Does MP 2.1 support RTSP clients? If so, what URL should an RTSP client use to access the live TV stream?
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