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  1. T

    [solved] failed to-startup tvservice

    Hi guys! Can you please help me out on this issue. Any clues provided are good ones... Failed to startup tvservice Sorry for repost/ Torbjörn
  2. jmarc

    Can't delete recordings after NAS died

    So my NAS died :-( I've lost all my TV recordings... Oh well... I replaced it with a USB drive but it won't let me delete the old recordings from the MP interface. How I do this without hacking into MySQL? And if have to do it this way, what table(s) do I need to attack? Thanks! Jean-Marc
  3. menof36go

    Preventing tv from pausing

    Hello, I am quite new to MediaPortal 2 and have experienced some minor problems so far I could solve, but this one is really annoying me (Its obviously not the softwares fault anyway). I am using a G930 Logitech headset which keeps turning off while its loading (broken software, whatever)...
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