1. T

    TV Series - can't connect to

    Hi I have been getting issues with TV Series last few days. In short when I run import I get in in "Local File Parsing" -> "Reading MediaInfo of local files" stuck and the log at the bottom states: Can't connect to<apikey>/updates/ : The remote server...
  2. L

    Tv series install problem missing file

    I redid my theater and I finally got my movies and tv series entered and when I fired up MediaPortal and clicked on TV Series it said "Wrong Skin File" and then it said "Missing or Invalid File". Any idea what the hell I did wrong? Im at a lost. I even uninstalled skins and reinstalled Titan...
  3. ajs

    How add all files to series

    There are series in which 2 episodes. But I have for him 6 files. Those. 2 file to the episode. Is it possible to add them as the plug-in?
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