1. J

    Media Portal changes master volume level

    After updating to v1.20.0.0 I noticed Media Portal changes the master volume level of my Windows PC instead of just adjusting the volume level inside the program. Is there a setting I can change to put this back to the way it used to be? I have tried running Media Portal from the Watchdog to be...
  2. T

    MCE - W10 volume controls don't work

    Hi I'm on 1.18 and decided to investigate why my volume controls don't work at all after few months. So I'm on W10 64bit and I'm using MCE HP classic remote. Why I try to turn the volume down or up it doesn't work at all - I mean I can see the UI but it doesn't do anythign. Mute button works...
  3. Rick164

    [MP1-4838] Volume control no longer functions properly when changing audio device

    Hi, Been debugging an issue with @Virtual in the AudioSwitcher topic and is as follows: - Start Mediaportal with volume control set to master: - Test out volume control via keyboard for instance ( + -), will notice your audio device changing volume from sys tray. - Let Mediaportal run and...
  4. C

    Media Portal 1.15 Low Volume

    I am having similar trouble others have reported with the sound level being too low. When I play the same movie with Cyberlink PowerDVD15 I get plenty of volume. However, if I play the same movie using MP1.15 the volume is about 3/4 the level forcing me to crank up the Windows 10 sound level to...
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