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Discussion in 'Input / Output interfaces' started by ThoW1982, December 19, 2017.

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    I'm on 1.18 and decided to investigate why my volume controls don't work at all after few months.

    So I'm on W10 64bit and I'm using MCE HP classic remote. Why I try to turn the volume down or up it doesn't work at all - I mean I can see the UI but it doesn't do anythign. Mute button works fine, the same for all other buttons. General -> Volume Setting -> Wave; Scale - Windows 7; Audi Renderer -> Speakers (Sound Blaster X-Fi; DTS Connect).

    Now I don't recall last time volume controls worked for me but I think it was on W7 64-bit few years back. I had it working with SB X-Fi and DTS Connect.

    Any ideas what I should look at to get volume controls working again?

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    I am not an audio expert, but I believe that one of the following statements is true (but I don't know which one):

    (1) Only analogue sound output can be level adjusted using the remote control. Digital sound output is always at full level, because it is assumed that you are using a TV or AV amplifier that has its own sound level adjustment.

    (2) Some types of digital sound output can be level adjusted using the remote control, but not the type of digital sound output that you are trying to use.

    (3) All types of digital sound output can be level adjusted, but you are not using the correct settings, either in Windows or in MP (or both).

    People are busy with preparations for Christmas, so you may need to wait until after Christmas before someone comes along who knows what they are talking about. o_O

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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