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    Latest information
    Feature is being developed in branch: https://github.com/MediaPortal/MediaPortal-2/commits/EXP_3DMode
    Feature will be included in MP2 Alpha 2.

    Inspired by the great new plugin https://forum.team-mediaportal.com/threads/auto3d-plugin-for-mediaportal-1-2-3-and-1-3-0-rc.116708/ (@Marcus Venturi (y)) I thought about an implementation in MP 2.

    I was amazed how simple it can be and started to work on this new topic :)

    Currently this feature is under development and some issues needs to be resolved. But you can get a first impression how it can work.

    Let's take an example Side-By-Side video (SBS):

    When starting normal playback, you get the video splitted in two halves, the OSD is a single one.

    To get a real 3D GUI including video, all GUI components needs to be rendered in both screen halves:

    It's also possible to "downscale" a SBS 3D video back to 2D, by taking only the first half:

    You can also browse your movie collection while playing video in 3D, or use any other MP2 feature:

    What it does not (yet) do:
    • Correct mouse focus handling, it is not yet adopted to screen output
    • Detection of video types
    • Switching external devices into other modes (see Auto3d thread for details)
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    Thats really awesome! Waited so long for this feature in an easy way to handle! Would love to see this in the final MP2 :)
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    Dude.... I'm simply amazed on how easy it seems to be to learn MP2 new tricks.... Considering the dev-power currently working on MP the, the progress is amazing!


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    I like the idea of kiwijunglist to have a 3D GUI while playing 3D movies :)

    Question: It's not included, but is switching the TV into the 3D mode a possibility for MP2 by using the normal HDMI connection?


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    Sorry my mistake, a quick google suggests it is possible to automatically change to 3d-mode on the tv over HDMI

    1. There is a special flag/frame in the HDMI signal that can tell the TV to switch on 3d mode. It's called a Vendor Specific Data Block or infoframe. Apparently when you get the EDID from the display it will tell you what kind of signal it accepts (if any) to switch to 3d mode.

    2. Some TV's can just detect when they are receiving framepacking over hdmi, and will auto switch. I'm not sure if the MP auto3d plugin supports framepacking, I would have to delve into the thread :)

    However it is probably not possible with just a graphics card + HDMI alone because...

    Many TVs need to be switched manually into 3D mode. Sometimes BluRay players are able to switch the TV over a HDMI-CEC (=consumer electronics control) command, but this won’t work with a PC, as no graphic controller does support that.
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