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    aMPdroid 0.8
    Android App for MediaPortal

    aMPdroid is a MediaPortal remote control app for Android. With aMPdroid you can remote control your MediaPortal HTPC, browse, download or stream your media collection and access all of MediaPortals TV capabilites.

    You can follow the development of aMPdroid on the project page, this forum and on twitter.

    !!!This setup guide describes how to set up all the components needed for aMPdroid to work!!! There is also a video tutorial made by loc

    Some important infos:

    1. Streaming: the internal player will only work with devices that have Android 2.3 or higher, for older devices you need an external player (I strongly recommand MoboPlayer). Also we are still working on the performance of streaming (especially seek times). If you have any problems with streaming (not able to play a video, not able to seek in a video, etc.) please post your problem to the GmaWebservice thread (or Tv4Home if it is live tv/recordings). Make sure to read this guide first. Also keep in mind that transcoding is a very cpu heavy task, so make sure your pc has enough cpu power.
    2. Streaming live tv: Sometimes starting a live tv stream fails on the device, even though everything worked fine on the backend. We don't know yet why this is happening, but we're trying to find a solution.

    That's it, I hope you give me a few good ratings and comments on the Android market... ;)


    See an older version of aMPdroid in action in the following youtube videos:

    screen1.png screen2.png screen3.png
    screen4.png screen5.png screen6.png

    Beside myself, a few people helped me with aMPdroid or developed parts of the neccessary backends. In no particular order:
    • Mike Lowrey & Co: GmaWebservice, Tv4Home
    • Oxan: Streaming framework for GmaWebservice and Tv4Home
    • Harry Cats a.k.a Thundercats: New design for remote control
    • Shukuyen: WifiRemote and idea sharing between iOS and Android app


    • Multiple Clients (with support for client-server setups)
    • Uses state of the art Android controls (Actionbar, Quickactions)
    • Browse/Download/Watch your Videos and Music
    • Stream videos/recordings and live tv to your device with on-the-fly transcoding
    • Control your Tv (schedule recordings, stream to device, ...)
    • Use as Remote Control (with now-playing support)
    • Fullscreen Mode
    • Completely localisable (see spanish translations)
    • Add clients by QR Barcode
    • Much more...


    • Videos: Files (MyVideos, Shares View), Videos (MyVideos, DB View), Series (MP-TvSeries) and Movies (Moving Pictures)
    • Music: Files (Shares View), Artists, Albums, Songs
    • Different List Layout: Text, Poster, Thumb, Banner
    • Download actions for media items: Download to mobile, play on pc, play on mobile

    ampdroid-1.png ampdroid-2.png ampdroid-3.png ampdroid-4.png ampdroid-5.png
    ampdroid-6.png ampdroid-7.png ampdroid-8.png ampdroid-9.png ampdroid-10.png

    Remote Control

    • Remote control keys (with key-down/key-up to support smooth scrolling)
    • Quick-Access bar on bottom (with auto-hide when not connected)
    • Sliding Drawer with nowplaying info
    • Use soft-keyboard to input text on htpc
    • Directly select und jump to plugins
    • Powermodes (Suspend, Hibernate, etc.)

    ampdroid-remote-1.png ampdroid-remote-2.png ampdroid-remote-3.png ampdroid-remote-4.png ampdroid-remote-5.png
    ampdroid-remote-6.png ampdroid-remote-7.png ampdroid-remote-8.png ampdroid-remote-9.png ampdroid-remote-10.png

    Tv Server
    • Manual control (start/stop timeshifts, stream channel to device)
    • EPG (Record program, Cancel recording
    • Show Groups/Channels/Channel Details
    • Schedules
    • Recordings

    ampdroid-tvserver-1.png ampdroid-tvserver-2.png ampdroid-tvserver-3.png ampdroid-tvserver-4.png ampdroid-tvserver-5.png
    ampdroid-tvserver-6.png ampdroid-tvserver-7.png ampdroid-tvserver-8.png ampdroid-tvserver-9.png ampdroid-tvserver-10.png

    The app is fully localisable and uses myGengo to manage translations. The site offers a nice and easy-to-use webinterface for translators to manage their translations without any need for additional software.

    I would much appreciate your help with further translations as it is an important aspect for many users to have apps in their native langue. Just go to aMPdroid | String. | myGengo and "request access" to the project (post the language you would like to translate and your forum username in the comments). Also if native english speakers find anything wrong with the english original, please let me know.

    Languages already translated:
    • English (Default)
    • German (DieBagger)
    • Spanish (Aitor)
    • French (Jeff.lu)
    • Italian (dr.megane)
    • Russian (dies0irae / strike56)
    • Italian (dr.megane)
    • Polish (MacGyverek)
    • Dutch (Thundercats)
    • Danish (PsyCrow)
    • Norwegian (esas)
    • Lithuanian (arturas)
    • Czech (me2d09)
    • Icelandic (bjarkimg)

    If you run into problems with aMPdroid, please read the troubleshooting section before posting to this thread -> Troubleshooting - MediaPortal Wiki.

    Feature Request
    Even if I don't reply and discuss all feature request I read through all posts and will then decide what I want to add next. The forum is a really messy place for feature requests so I created a project for aMPdroid on the feature voting system UserEcho.

    If you want a new feature, post a new "Idea" to this site. If you like an existing idea, vote it up. Ideas with many votes might (read: MIGHT) get implemented sooner. Try to post ideas seperately (not post ten ideas in one request) and check if the same idea has been already posted before.


    Version 0.8.2 (2011-07-29)
    Added Google Analytics
    Fixed out-of-memory error
    Fixed MEDIA_DIED_ERROR when tuning tv channels
    Fixed more crashes reported by BugSense
    Update translations (added cs/it/is/ru)

    Version 0.8.1 (2011-07-17)
    Bugfixes and some more bugfixes
    Version 0.8 (2011-07-17)
    Published app in market
    Streaming of media and live tv with on-the-fly transcoding
    Playlist support (play entire albums/seasons)
    Improved donwloads and notifications
    Redesigned QuickActions
    Menu Icons
    Wake on LAN

    Version 0.7 (2011-05-29)
    Better handling of client configuration (simple and advanced)
    Add fast-scrolling and first-letter poput to listviews
    Add new languages: French, Danish, German, Dutch
    Fixed live streaming of tv with vPlayer
    Default views for all lists
    Configurable number of preloaded items
    Changed to new GmaWebservice (supports proper sorting)

    Version 0.6
    First preview release


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    Could you provide the download also on your project page please?! I can't find it on google market:-(

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    Could you provide the download also on your project page please?! I can't find it on google market:-(

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    It's not available yet, I will post a link as soon as it appears on the google servers...


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    Awesome work! Thank you, now I can tie my two favourites together - Android and MP :)


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    AW: [Android] aMPdroid 0.8 - Streaming and more

    Great Job!
    Feature Request: Donate Version or optional ad activator.



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    Re: AW: [Android] aMPdroid 0.8 - Streaming and more

    Great Job!
    Feature Request: Donate Version or optional ad activator.

    Working on that, i tried to keep the ads as unintrusive as possible though...

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