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February 4, 2007
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Hi folks,

this is my my new Anroid project. Its an remote for the MediaPortal.

following additional help from

oddfella (dark skin)
Thundercats (blue3 skin)
rolls1400 (coding)
BLiTZKRiEG (install doc)

Before posting a bug / question make sure to have the lastest version installed !

Server Installer:
Android Remote - MEDIAPORTAL

Actual APK file (05.02.2011):

Install HowTo
https://mp-plugins.svn.sourceforge....roidRemote/Release/Install Android Remote.doc

Using the remote
https://mp-plugins.svn.sourceforge....ndroidRemote/Release/Using Android Remote.doc

Server Documentation:
https://mp-plugins.svn.sourceforge....ote/Release/Android Server communication.docx

Source code:

So far following parts are working:

Easy web server implemention
uses POST for commands (remote,playlist control)
uses XML via GET to send directory structures
uses GET to send files
doing thumbs for pictures and recscale images
reply HEAD requests

Control up to 3 Mediaportal
Wake On Lan from the remote
switch off / hibernate etc. your MP from the remote
vibration feedback
show what actual playing on the main screen and pause / skip control
uses VLC to stream to the phone
send stack trace if app crashes

Pictures section
browse folders (MP shares)
display thumbs (threaded)
save to sd
open browser
send picture via MMS
slide show
random slide show

in fullscreen you can swipe left right in the directory
touch long for options

Music section
browse folders (MP shares)
browse MP database for artist,albums,songs
add title to playlist
play files locally
view playlist
remove items from playlist
clear playlist
save files from MP to phone
fast scroll bars
add whole folder (music dir) to playlist

Video section
browse folders (MP shares)
play files locally or in the MP

show actual title
show actual time
show actual cover
clear play list
delete one item

most functions as on my remote
set the power mode for power control
short push is sending WakeOnLan
long push will exti etc. the MP (see power mode)
volume buttons will do vol +/- of the mp
menu opens the keyboard

Main issues
switch WIFI on (just msg now)
save files from Android to MP
progress task for downloads
NowPlaying list show actual / count of items on top bar
add gfx

Its fun to do some coding on an Android.

So far
Mark Koenig (kroko)

20.12.2010 Initial release

23.12.2010 Version 0.11
- fix UTF 8 support ( & ö ä ...)
- fast scroll bars
- fix setup bug
- disable sleep mode in slide show
- disable keylock
- cache thumbs on server side

21.01.2011 Version 0.2
-add video section
-stream to phone (via VLC, if installed on PC)
-a lot of bug fixed
-more remote
-fixed WakeOnLan
-fixed powercontrol / keyboard lock
-threaded caching pictures
-speed up (single core still a bit slow..)
-some other small changes

27.01.2011 Version 0.2.3
- fix UTF 8 support AGAIN , very nasty
- handly huge databases
- vlc optins in external file

28.01.2011 Verison 0.2.4
- workarround for Android bug fastscroll
- fix small bug in picture caching

- dynamic ip possible (tested on xp, make sure add port to firewall settings)
- playlist support (not 100% yet)
- skin support prepared (as soon I receive the gfx it will work)
- add a main screen (layout )for tabs, maybe someone can give a feedback

What's next ?
- better keyboard
- some skins



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    Re: [Plugin] Android remote

    I'll help with... eh.... morale support?
    Sorry - can't be of much help :(
    Btw, cute kid - yours?


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    August 1, 2006
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    Re: [Plugin] Android remote

    Finally someone picks it up... I'm no coder or graphic artist, but I can test :D


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  • September 11, 2007
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    Re: [Plugin] Android remote

    Hi there,

    can you pm me the source (or the location of the source)? Didn't know you were also working on such a thing, we should definately coordinate better... ;)



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    January 2, 2009
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    Re: [Plugin] Android remote

    Looks great! I can help with graphics. I would also like to request support for devices with smaller screen resolution, because i own the HTC Wildfire, which has a resolution of only 240x320 px.


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  • June 10, 2008
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    Re: [Plugin] Android remote

    Looks awesome, but I think you are totally going about Pictures/Music/Videos implementation the wrong way. There are already a lot of android remote apps that let you browse media on the PC which makes your application kinda pointless. It would be different if it used the mediaportal database. If you don't use the database then it is the same as all the other PC remote applications and file browsers for android that are already fully developed.


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    February 4, 2007
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    AW: [Plugin] Android remote

    Hi kiwijunglist,

    as I wrote

    This plugin is in an early stage
    but of course I'm happy for all comments. Looking on my webservice this are my plans:

    Control the MP via Android (mostly working)
    browse and view pictures. I do have about 800 directories with about 12000 pictures. There is not really a good way how to display these. I know there are time lined solution out there. But I like this better. So I will keep the directory structure and I will implenent a slideshow plus possible a transfer to the SD card. I dont know if someone want to see the EXIF information of the picture. This could be displayed too.
    Same here for me. All albums are in seperate directories. I do have A LOT. Sitting on my couch I want to hear one particula album. Also I want to transfer MP3s to go.
    Hm ?? streaming to the Andreoid would be possible, but for what ? Al least a controller to browse and start playing movies on my TV. Maybe grab the information from the database.

    Right now I working on the "now playing" part. I updated some screenshots. Also I start to write a small documention for my webservice. Still there is a lot work out there. It will take some time also to include different sizes and languages and so on... It will get better over the time...

    So far from here.

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