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    hmmm, i wonder why u get that unknown error.[DOUBLEPOST=1376377573][/DOUBLEPOST]"unknown" such a helpful description too :)


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    Hi, finally I have tried mvd (only small batch downloads though)! I can't really get the "Last.fm similar" to work, I only get videos from the top artists. I'm using music-video-downloader-v10c-fix-for-bulkdl.rar from the first post. Last.fm user: ministerkrister

    Similar artists can be really slow to load, just give it some time. Turn on tooltips before you do it. For example if you go with default 100+20 expect it to take 10 minutes+ to build the list as it has to make 100 API calls in a row to last.fm then for every top artist + similar artist it has to make a call to audiodb.com, eg. up to 100x20 = 2000 api calls (realistically it is never that many, but it can be a lot) So basically think of it having to download 2100 small web pages to make the music video list. This is why I include lots of cache files in the cache folder so it is faster... I will add your collection to the cache file list. Running your user name ministerkrister with 100+20 in similar artists gives ~100 music videos from theaudiodb.com and if you enable pitchfork the number is around 3-400ish (guesstimate)

    Hi, I think we have some kind of misunderstanding here. If I use "Last.fm similar" mvd only fetches videos for the top artists. Mvd gets the top artists then gets the similar artists after that no other requests.

    I did a small test right now with 1+20 (all time top) just to check
    I have tried with other settings eg 5+100 for all the different "Time period to check", mvd have never added any videos other than the top artists for the different time periods.

    Maybe my selection is to narrow, or maybe I got a non video friendly music taste?

    Edit: Tested 20+100 (all time top artists) - no similar artists in the "Add videos To Download List"

    Edit2: The 1+20 (all time top) test above - I made with a "clean installation" of MVD. I assume "The Mars Volta" was in your cache (hence no audiodb or pitchfork calls for them). And thx for the future ministerkrister cache...
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