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    AtmoLight is a process plugin that interfaces with different ambilight solutions and brings Ambilight to MediaPortal.
    The main function is to send the needed data directly to your ambilight solution to reduce the CPU load drastically, making Ambilight and smooth playback possible.


    Please install AtmoLight with the MediaPortal Extension Manager. Open the AtmoLight configuration form through the plugin section of the MediaPortal Configuration tool and set everything up to your liking.
    If you are using MediaPortal 1.5 or older, you will also need to install the MPCoreChanger plugin, which will add needed funtionality to MediaPortal.
    If you want to use the MediaPortal Liveview Mode in the GUI/Music/Radio (no videoplayback) then you need a patched MediaPortal.exe. Please download the exe here.

    MadVR support (BETA)

    Currently requires separate Mediaportal build and AtmoLight version (see download link below), Mediaportal release can be found below and is still in development:

    So in short if you are running that Mediaportal build you need to use the AtmoLight madVR release, otherwise use the regular release.
    GUI capture while using madVR is on the to-do list and not working with it.


    You have a problem or found any bugs? Please read the FAQs first. If that did not help, just try to explain your problem here in this thread. Please also note that without logs (MediaPortal.log), we often cant help you, so make sure to always attach logs.
    Having problems with the connection to AtmoWin after resume? try the AtmoWakeHelper option in the AtmoLight configuration (AtmoWin tab).

    Useful links


    - Hyperion handler improvements related to priority clearing
    - No longer shows Change Profile option for handlers not supporting it
    - Ambibox now has profile overview in Change profile menu
    - New option AtmoLight configuration to toggle displaying errors while video is playing
    - Refresh rate detection now more reliable
    - Fixed VU meter effects
    - Frames are now queued into 1 background worker, this has benefits to performance and resources
    - Delay handling has been improved and allows multiple references in config and context menu
    - Delay timing changes done in context menu are now saved
    - Further AmbiBox improvements
    - Hue now has a new option in its designated configuration target tab to disable theater mode for specific effects (currently VU only)
    - Hue theater can now be toggled on / off from the AtmoLight context menu, this setting is non-persistent so is restored to original after each Mediaportal restart
    - Added "Change Image Delay" option for AmbiBox
    - Fixed changing static color via remote API for AtmoWin
    - Added support for non-default MP data folder location
    - Fixed Boblight not being able to connect properly
    - Fixed AtmoOrb UDP IP connection
    - Fixed multiple bugs in the AtmoOrb SetupForm tab
    - Added option to enable/disable AtmoOrb smoothing
    - Improved AtmoOrb static color behaviour
    - Added "Smoothing Threshold" option to AtmoOrb handler
    - Fixed bug where lights could change even though they shouldn't
    - Localization improvements and fixes
    - MadVR support
    - Remote API support, currently supports AtmoLight Remote (Android)
    - AtmoWakeHelper integration
    - Expanded AtmoOrb handler to support new types of devices (Particle Core/Photon)
    - Added Theater mode support to Hue (requires AtmoHue 0.0.87 or higher)
    - Option to disable leds on minimize or suspended state
    - Fixed AtmoWin resume delay
    - Fixed Hyperion static color bug so that it now restores the color if previously set as default
    - Fixed behavior on resume (ignoring the resume delay)
    - Fixed delay buffer overflow in rare cases
    - Added support for MediaPortal 1.12 pre release and newer
    - Added support to show GUI frame data when a video is minimized
    - Added support to disable leds when MediaPortal uses its screen saver
    - Improved connection to AtmoHue
    - Improved communication to AtmoHue while in MediaPortal Live Mode
    - Improved blackbar detection
    - Added manual blackbar removal (user can choose manually the videos aspect ratio from the context menu)
    - Fixed delay feature (delay was not starting properly in all cases)
    - Switched to a new and better localization system
    - Fixed bug where loading German language file would fail
    - Fixed bug where data would be send to target handler even if handler is disconnected from target
    - Added context menu entries for Hue automation
    - Improved average color calculation for Hue handler
    - Improved VUMeter and VUMeter Rainbow effects
    - Added AtmoOrb handler
    - Fixed bug where GIFReader was case sensitive for the file extensions
    - Fixed a bug where connecting to AtmoWin would fail
    - Fixed bug where some effects would not be set properly on MediaPortal start up
    - Fixed bug where MediaPortal could halt/freeze on start up
    - Added possibility to deactivate AtmoLight through context menu
    - Added possibility to use hostnames/multicast dns with Hyperion
    - Added AmbiBox handler
    - Added interface to support other targets (not just AtmoWin)
    - Added Hyperion as target software
    - Added Hue as target (AtmoHue needed)
    - Added Boblight as target software
    - Added possibility to use more then one target software (e.g. AtmoWin and Hyperion at the same time)
    - Added "MediaPortal exit" effect (effect that gets set when MediaPortal gets closed)
    - Fixed dialog shown by wrong thread (LoadSkin: Running in wrong thread)
    - Removed AtmoWin from AtmoLight installer
    - Updated Extensions plugin settings
    - Various small bug fixes
    - Fixed bug where settings would not get loaded in MP Configuration
    - Added GIF Reader effect (adds support for custom effects made by users)
    - Added VU Meter effect (in traditional and rainbow colors)
    - Fixed bug where it was not possible to save configuration
    - Fixed bug where MediaPortal could crash to Desktop
    - Fixed issue where AtmoLight would always disable LEDs after reconnect
    - Fixed visual bug in the plugin configuration form
    - Added blackbar detection and removal feature
    - Split AtmoLight into a Core and MediaPortal1 Plugin library (needed for MediaPortal 2 version of AtmoLight)
    - Improved LowCPU
    - Added UI (no playback) capture to use MediaPortal Liveview Mode in GUI (patched MediaPortal.exe neede)
    - Fixed a mix up in MPExtensions settings
    - Fixed some small context menu bugs
    - Fixed bug with deactivate between time
    - Fixed issue where LEDs would not turn off (SEDU)
    - Enhanced the logic to start the ambilight
    - Added "Menu Mode" (using ambilight while in MediaPortal GUI)
    - Added static effect option to Video, Radio and Music
    - Changed "STOP Menu" into "Color Button Menu"
        * Added possibility to open context menu during playback
        * Added option to change effects on the fly
        * Added option to change AtmoWin profile
        * Added option to toggle and set LED delay (see point 10)
        * Added option to change static color on the fly
    - Fixed issue where context menu was not closeable with back button
    - Added language file support to context menu
    - Added option to assign "None" as On/Off, Profile and Menu button (preventing conflicts)
    - Added delay of 1 second between starting AtmoWin and connecting to it (testing)
    - Added option to set a delay for the leds (if leds change colors before tv does)
    - Enhanced logging capabilities
    - Added lots of error handling routines
    - Added possibility to restart AtmoWin and reconnect to it if something goes wrong
    - Added synchronisation for liveview source with AtmoWin
    - Added French language file
    - Language file updates
    Version 1.1.19020.1
    Correct First plugin start : Default language not set correctly at 1st start. (BassFan)
    Version 1.1.19020.0
    Add language translation to Atmolight configuration. (BassFan)
    English / German (BassFan)
    Version 1.1.19019.0
    1.Change DropDown to DropDownList so do not can rename any from the List. (BassFan)
    2.Checking for Disable/Enable state from Configuration.exe (BassFan)
    3.Add Start and Exit Option to Config Dialog. (BassFan)
    4.Add Versions-Info to Config Dialog (BassFan)
    5.fixed Windowsize of Config Dialog (BassFan)
    6.Moved to lates version from angie05 to (BassFan)
    7.Use latest AtmoWinA from angie05 to (BassFan)
    8.Add check for use the right Filename do for OpenFileDialog (BassFan)
    Version 1.1.19017.1
    Version 1.1.19016.0
        - Installer changes:
            * Atmowin splitted to own installers (for easy update)
        - Plugin updated to 19016 :
            *  processus times is slowdown for reduce CPU usage
    Version 1.1.19014.1
    PLEASE Uninstall the AtmoLight plugin version manually with the MPEI!
    There were some bugs regarding folder creation. The unused folders will be deleted while installing the new version!
        - Installer changes:
            *MPCoreChanger is now a stand alone plugin to provide better update support for new core.dll files - automatic downloaded/installation will be started if needed!
            *A shortcut to the installed AtmoWinA.exe will be created on the desktop!
            *better uninstall handling!
            *new version system
        - Plugin:
            *added support for extensions plugin (atmolight configuration inside MP GUI)!
            *the path to AtmoWinA.exe will be entered automatically inside the MediaPortal.xml file!
        Initial release!!
        - Atmowin versions included: *Atmowin v0.51 original
            *Atmowin v0.51 mod by angie05 (supports up to 256 LEDs, modified configuration...see the readme of this mod for more information)
            *Atmowin v0.50 Atmoduino mod: Mod by RickDB for his Atmoduino - Arduino firmware! see
            *Install location: "C:\program files (x86)\team mediaportal\mediaportal\atmowin\"
        - Atmolight plugin version:
        - includes MPCoreChanger for replacing the installed core.dll

    Active developers

    @kenwonders, @Rick164


    We would like to thank everybody who has worked on and contributed to AtmoLight in the past.
    @gemx, @angie05, @legnod, @azzuro, @BassFan, @HomeY, @Sebastiii, @popy, @Lightning303

    If i forgot someone please let me know.
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What is AtmoLight and AtmoWin, which do I need and why?

    Answer: AtmoWin is a standalone software that analyses the content on you screen and then sends the colors to your Ambilight controller (Arduino, SEDU and so on). AtmoLight is a MediaPortal plugin that allows to send the screen content directly to AtmoWin, making this way more efficient and cpu friendly. AtmoLight also acts as a remote for AtmoWin, allowing the user to enable or disable the leds, aswell as change effects and lots more. While only AtmoWin is essential, it is highly recommended that you also use the AtmoLight plugin, mainly to ensure smooth video playback.

    Question: My video playback stutters/I have a lot of dropped frames. How can i fix this?

    Answer: Make sure that AtmoLight uses the "MediaPortal Liveview Mode". This way AtmoLight handles the capturing of the screen and not AtmoWin. As AtmoLight can work directly with MediaPortal rendering assets this is way faster. Open the MediaPortal Configuration, navigate to Plugins and open the AtmoLight configuration. For Video/TV/Recordings choose "MediaPortal Liveview Mode". Click Save and exit MediaPortal Configuration with OK.

    Question: AtmoLight cant connect to AtmoWin, what can i do?

    Answer: AtmoWin needs to register its COM interface first. To achieve this, open the command prompt (Win+R and type cmd), navigate to the AtmoWin directory (C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Atmowin) and then execute "AtmoWinA.exe /register".

    If you have connection issues after resume, you should take a look at this thread:

    Question: I can't open the context menu/toggle leds/switch profile with the color buttons. What is wrong?

    Answer: You will need to add some new actions to the remote buttons. Open MediaPortal Configuration and navigate to Remotes. In the tab for you remote press on Mapping (for some remotes press Learn and then Mapping). Navigate to "Teletext specific buttons", here you can see the 4 color buttons. Open the button you want to use (e.g. red). Under "No Condition" you will have to add the action "Remote Red Button". This way everytime you press red, no matter where you are in MediaPortal, the "Remote Red Button" action gets triggered and AtmoLight gets informed. Repeat this for all the buttons you want to use.


    Question: I choose "MediaPortal Liveview Mode" for Music, Radio or GUI/Menu, but its not working. Why?

    Answer: To use the MediaPortal Liveview Mode outside of video playback you will need a patched MediaPortal.exe. You can find the exe here:
    If you use a version that has no patch yet, please let me know and i will generate one for you.

    Question: What does the frequency mean for the delay feature?

    Answer: During implementation of the delay feature we discovered that the delay depends on the refresh rate of your monitor/tv. For example, on the same system a video played with 50hz needs more delay than a video played with 24hz. AtmoLight can calculate the delay for every refreshrate, if you define one delay at one refresh rate. To set this up, simply start a video, figure out the needed delay and then note the refresh rate the video was playing at.
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    As was a bigger rework and i added a few new features and changed some old ones, i wanted to make a post explaining some of them in more detail.

    Menu Mode
    A so called Menu Mode was added. This means, that you can now use your Ambilight even if you are just in the menus of MediaPortal, and not just during playback. You can choose to have the AtmoWin Liveview enabled, to show the colors of the displayed picture with you LEDs, or you can choose to have a static color displayed while in menu. All modes expect for MediaPortal Liveview are possible to choose. Default is LEDs disabled.

    Color Button Menu
    The so called "STOP Button Menu" is now a "Color Button Menu". Using the Stop button to open the AtmoLight context menu had some limitations. For example, you could only use this menu when there was no playback. This has been changed, so you can assign one of the four color buttons (red, green, yellow or blue) to open the menu everywhere and everytime.

    The menu itself has also been reworked and a lot of options have been added. You can now change the effect on the fly, change the AtmoWin profile, change LED Delay (see below) or change the static color.

    Language support within MediaPortal
    Language file support has been improved. This means that now you can use your own language with the AtmoLight menu. Before language file support was restricted to the configuration form.

    At the moment there are 4 language files. English, German, Dutch and French. It would be nice if we can add more. So if anybody speaks another language and wants to help, just let us know. We would highly apreciate it.

    This feature was inspired by @kenwonders. Often the LEDs change their colors a little bit before the TV changes the picture. To synchronize both again a delay is needed. @kenwonders made an AtmoDuino version that implements this for the Arduino, however users with other Hardware or users who need more delay then possible on Arduino can now use this feature aswell.
    Some important information for this feature. We found out that the delay changes if you use different refresh rates. So the delay gets calculated for each refresh rate. What you have to do is, set a delay in the settings for one specific refresh rate, preferably the one you use the most (23/24 for movies, 50 for tv). With these values AtmoLight can then later calculate the delay for the other refresh rates.

    Arduino implementation by @kenwonders

    Restart AtmoWin
    A lot of error handling and logging has been added to AtmoLight. With this we also added the possiblity to restart and reconnect to AtmoWin if something goes wrong. So you will not have to restart MediaPortal anymore if you loose connection to AtmoWin.


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    I'm a bit confused about Atmolight and Atmowin. Could someone please explain briefly which plugin is for what purpose?


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    I'm a bit confused about Atmolight and Atmowin. Could someone please explain briefly which plugin is for what purpose?

    Sure :).
    AtmoWin is a seperate Software, that can run without MediaPortal. It calculates the colors for each led and sends the data to the hardware (Arduino, SEDU and others). AtmoLight is a MediaPortal plugin that can control AtmoWin. The most important task of AtmoLight is to grab the image data directly from MediaPortal and send them to AtmoWin. This reduces cpu load a lot. Without the plugin video playback would stutter on most systems.


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    Wow excellent work! I am now torn as to the ideal solution, as I had also noticed the variation in delay with refresh rates. When I get some time I will check this out (running pure Ambibox right now in relative comfort).

    Best regards.


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    I tested v. but did not understand how to reconfigure Atmowin. I tried from the UI but it was buggy and didn't want to save my settings. I revert back to


    I tested v. but did not understand how to reconfigure Atmowin. I tried from the UI but it was buggy and didn't want to save my settings. I revert back to

    wrong thread?
    has nothing to do with AtmoLight.
    what is so difficult to configure since AtmoWin?



    only a question..

    why we have two MPEI Installer
    one for AtmoWin and one for AtmoLight ..
    If AtmoLight Atmowin with installed?

    I think you should AtmoWin of AtmoLight separate in terms of Installation. Or?


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