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Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1 Plugins' started by ScRePt, August 14, 2010.

  1. spenca

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    December 19, 2006
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    Hi all!

    I've installed MP 1.6.0 with inbuild MP3D plugin, but it doesn't work for me. If I start a movie, press "3", there happens nothing, just ongoing video. After this, it's not possible to get to the menus ("F9") and the progress bar also didn't work.

    In the Logs there's a message:

    [2014-01-06 19:08:40,776] [Error ] [MPMain ] [ERROR] - Exception: System.InvalidCastException: Das Objekt des Typs "MP3D.Configuration.ProfileProperty" kann nicht in Typ "MP3D.Configuration.ProfilePropertyPerSource" umgewandelt werden.
    bei MP3D.MainWindow.ApplyProfile(Profile profile)
    bei MP3D.MainWindow.LoadProperties()
    bei MP3D.MainWindow.Init()
    bei MP3D.Plugin.OnActivateWindow(Int32 windowId)
    bei MediaPortal.GUI.Library.GUIWindowManager.WindowActivationHandler.Invoke(Int32 windowId)
    bei MediaPortal.GUI.Library.GUIWindowManager.ActivateWindow(Int32 newWindowId, Boolean replaceWindow, Boolean skipHistory, String loadParameter, Boolean skipAnimation, Int32 focusControlId)
    [2014-01-06 19:08:40,777] [Log ] [MPMain ] [INFO ] - ShortCut'er - KeyPressed = x ( ShiftPressed = False, CtrlPressed = False )

    It would be really great if someone has a suggestion for me!!

    Thx so much!!

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  3. gwares

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    December 15, 2007
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    hi all !!!
    i tried to re install mp3d after updating mp 1.6 version. mp3d worked perfectly before. when i try to turn in on the 3d mode by press 3 nothing. when i pressed f9 i've got the menu but from mediaportal... my version of mp3d is 1.8.1 i try to play a movie with sereoscopic player it works so i think that i 've got the codec. if someone can help me to resolve this problem.

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