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January 2, 2016
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I found a collection of genre icons that are based on Xzener's work with a number of new genres and collections - but resized/formatted for another application:

GlynRS2 genre icons for Mede8er Video Wall

Is there any way to re-size/re-format these to fit them into the right shape/size for Mediaportal?


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  • June 2, 2011
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    I attached the template too for those who wants to create their own images.
    Hi @badboyxx !

    It seems that the template is not online anymore - could you please upload it once again.:)
    And... maybe... if you find the time... yould you create Pics for: :notworthy:
    • Genre: Mystery, TV-Film
    • Directors
    • Writers
    • Trakt
    • and one for 2020er ;)
    would be great!


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    June 15, 2012
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    It's great to see that it is still in use. Of course I can upload it again but it will not be today.

    For the other genres I have to create first one. I think you would like to have it in German language. Maybe I will find some time this weekend.

    I tried to download the images and they are still online, it works.
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