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Discussion in 'My Emulators' started by Atreides, July 30, 2010.

  1. drealit

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    March 15, 2008
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    Thanks for pointing this out... I don't know why I didn't think of doing it earlier since I use Hulu etc. One deal breaker for HyperSpin is that it doesn't support GoodMerge collections (.7z) which makes me very sad. I was playing around with GameEx but really wish I could get a proper test run with all features before I pony up $25 for it.

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  3. DreadFury

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    June 28, 2009
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    this is by design, it seems.

    I swore hyperspin did support goodmerge... damn.
    this is going to be an issue for me too, i'll have to look into it.

    The forced donations erked me too about gameex, I can't even test to see if I want to donate.
    I have to donate before I even get to try....

    that's called BUYING. lol
  4. Sinbe

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    December 12, 2007
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    Thank you, this works, but I added the following line to the .bat files launching my PC games:

    taskkill /IM cmd.exe /F

    This will kill the unnecessary cmd.exe after the game has been closed. The batch files are quite an effective way to launch games. On my system I use the following to switch my primary display (allows the game to start on my projector), launch the game, switch the primary display back when game is closed, kill the software that switched the display and kill the cmd that acts as the emulator:

    start "switchdisplay" "C:\Program Files (x86)\MurGeeMon\MurGeeMon.exe" 1
    "E:\Games\PES 2011\pes2011.exe"
    start "switchdisplay" "C:\Program Files (x86)\MurGeeMon\MurGeeMon.exe" 1
    taskkill /IM murgeemon.exe /F
    taskkill /IM cmd.exe /F

    Edit: This also works with ATI CCC profiles, but it needs additional delay (the ping command gives a 2000ms delay) before launching the game so I use the following:

    start "switchdisplay" "C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\CLI.exe" Start Load profilename="projector"
    PING -n 1 -w 2000
    "E:\Games\PES 2011\pes2011.exe"
    start "switchdisplay" "C:\Program Files (x86)\ATI Technologies\ATI.ACE\Core-Static\CLI.exe" Start Load profilename="crt"
    taskkill /IM cmd.exe /F

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