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February 26, 2014
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And it would be convenient if you could move the menu items up/down so you don't have to remove/add to insert a new menu section or sort.
The MP skin engine has no function for that ;)

And how hard would it be to assign an external script to a menu item?
Very hard ;)
Nope... but weren't you developer for the MayaHD skin..that had the Basic Home Editor (like the titan one)?

I launch external scripts now in Emulators2 which has found a trick to do so. And MyMenu does the same.. I just can't seem to start it using the Basic Home icons.

Anyways... thanks for your work.


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    New version 1.3 is ready for DL :::HERE :::
    • No SkinSettings.xml provided - this should save your personal skin settings - if no skin settings are available for this BasicHome Editor, skin starts with a minimal easy-to-change configuration
    • Added full support for MP Steam
    • Added full support of studio logos in MyVideos and MovingPictures in conjunction with FanartHandler- (2115 (!) studio logos provided)
    • Added full support for new TV stream media info in TV OSD
    • Added full support for new ShortCut'er with Skin Navigator
    • Added full support of new Trakt version and features
    • Added full support of new OnlineVideos version and features


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    July 25, 2006
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    In the Contextmenue of EPG(DefaultWideHD) can a TVWISH be created. From there i jump to de Plugin TVWISHLIST. The Title of the series i take with has a blank in first place.
    So TVWISHLIST didn't find this in EPG. Is it possible to eleminate this first blank??
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