Direct3D could not be created after resume


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January 5, 2014
Ok I think i have a fairly easy remedy for the direct x error. Maybe it can be incorporated as an option in Mepo configuration.
1 - Uncheck autostart in Mediaportal Configuration and click ok.
2- Open notepad and type the following:

timeout /t 10
start "" "C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\MediaPortal.exe"

3 - NOTE: If you are using 64 bit windows use (C:\Program Files (x86)\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\MediaPortal.exe)
4 - Click at top of notepad "save as", then go to file type and click "All Files", then type Mepo.bat above and save.
You can put the batch file anywhere you want.
5 - Right click on the Mepo.bat and creat a shortcut.
6 - Right click on shortcut and "Cut" it.
7 - Next click on windows Start, All Programs, then right click on Startup and open.
8 - Paste the cut Mepo.bat shortcut in the startup window.
9 - Right click on the shortcut and go to properties and change the Run "normal window" to "minimized" then save and exit properties.
10 - Restart Computer and enjoy.

Note: I set it for 10 seconds and seems to work fine for me with a Solid state drive and I noticed you don't have to start and stop mepo
as in post #54.


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February 2, 2011
Hey Sebastiii, i have also a problem with D3D erros after a resume and i dont know what to do.
I try to explain my problem. Maybe you have an answer for me.

If I start my htpc out from resume, the system hangs. I see the Windows desktop and in Taskmamanger is MediaPortal running.
But i can not see the GUI, only the windows desktop. Only when I kill the process and restart MePo everything runs smoothly.

But this was not always the case that way. What happened? Windows updates?
The fix to turn OFF mediaportal always on top did not work. Also an delay of 10 seconds after resume has no effect.
What can i do?
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