Display problem with Black Glass HD 2.8.1 and World Weather plugin 0.5.6 (stable) (1 Viewer)


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  • April 21, 2010
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    Hi Tgx,

    yesterday I decided to use your latest SVN build revision 1649, since that way I can get the newest fixes/updates for Black Glass HD 2.8.1. It works all in all great, except one minor nuisance. ;)

    After deleting the cache folder's files and configuring the World Weather plugin in the stable version 0.5.6, I discovered one line overlapping with the right half of the screen which is reserved for display of the temperatures of the week. Sadly it happens every time I use the weather feature. It does not happen with your last final version of BG-HD 2.8.1 of January this year, obviously due to another design approach in that version.
    I hope you can reproduce this behaviour with the german language option. Many thanks in advance if there could be a fix in the next svn release.

    greetings, SingleMalt

    Edit: Well, as stated in my system specs profile, I am still using the latest "stable" version of Media Portal (v1.2.3.0), and I reckognised just now that the latest SVN release of BG-HD is intended for the latest SVN release of MePo v1.2.3. As I am worried to risk stability by going the SVN way, I will have to go back to the last stable release of BG-HD, and wait for a final release of MePo v1.3.0. So this thread can be closed I think. ;)

    WorldWeather_BG_HD_v2.8.1.0 build rev1649 on MePo v1.2.3.0.png
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    Should be fixed now.

    You can safely continue using the BGHD svn releases for MP 1.2, since there won't be any dramatic changes both in MP 1.2.3 and in BGHD. BGHD svn for MP 1.2 will only be a maintenance branch where i will update the support for the existing plugins. Major improvements and updates will be introduced only in BGHD for MP 1.3.



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