Harmony 650 with USBUIRT Receiver (1 Viewer)


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  • May 28, 2006
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    It does not have to show up directly in the device list.
    Did you get some activity in the Messages tab when using your USB-UIRT?
    No there was no activity in the Message Tab at all when I mashed the buttons!

    You may have to edit the XML file yourself if it's not already there.
    Thanks what xml file would that be ?
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    I haven't personally used IRSS for that, so I don't know for certain that you can. However it does have quite a powerful input mapping mechanism which appears to be able to trigger different actions depending on certain conditions (including the current window/location). Therefore I think it's probably well worth a try. You haven't got much to lose
    I will try out the IRSS stuff and report back here with how I get on. Thanks for the guidance.

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