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  1. S

    Problem with Remote Control One-for-all Streamer

    Hi, I've been using Media Portal now for several years and never experienced any problems. It's a fantastic piece of software. At first I've been using a Trust RC-2400 Remote Control for Windows Media Center, later I tryied several programmable ones from Philips, Logitech, One-for-all, NoNames...
  2. F

    Blu-Ray Contextual Menu Remote Key/Keyboard

    Hi everybody, I've just upgraded to the new 1.19 prerelease and I'm now able to run ISO BLU-RAY with menus and contextual menus. :) My question is about the key mapping. If the DVD Menu ("D" I think) launch the BLU-RAY root menu, I don't know which key allow to launch and clear the contextual...
  3. MrGrymReaper

    Remote HID compatibility question

    Hi, I'm currently wondering whether the remote I received in my television tuner card's retail packaging is compatible with the HID profiles supplied in MediaPortal. I unfortunately can't access an independent source of IR.exe without downloading and installing Hauppauge WinTV software. So if...
  4. The Solutor

    [Finished] [MP2-789] Keyboard: A lot of shortcuts are missing

    Guys unless I'm missing some thing, MP2 still lacks a lot of keyboard shortcuts, even most basic ones, like + - to get channel up/down. No offense, but I ask myself how that's possible after years of development. MP2 is now generally in good shape, but the lack of keyboard shortcuts makes very...
  5. A

    Hackers using remote subtitle files to take over users PC

    Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this, I coundn't find a security related section. I thought you guys might find this interesting Hackers Use Subtitle Files to Take Over PCs - ExtremeTech TL;DR: Hackers are placing code in subtitle files. Some apps that download those files...
  6. C

    Harmony 650 with USBUIRT Receiver

    Hi I have a Harmony Remote 650 model and a USB-UIRT IR receiver and I would like to get all the functionality of using a remote with Mediaportal working correctly. Specifically I'd like to be able to import mappings that for example when I'm in fullscreen TV and I press the guide button I get...
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