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  • August 15, 2009
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    So my project yesterday was to get my MCE remote working and perfectly mapped with the internal IR receiver of my Antec Fusion Remote case. I have pretty much succeeded using IRSS, great!

    However there is something I would like to know if I could do in a better way. There are some buttons on my remote (e.g.Visualizations, Eject) that don't seem to exist in the abstract remote model, so I can't map them to anything directly (they do show up in the debug client, with codes like "IMON USB (2050)"). I have worked around that by mapping the needed functions to a keystroke in MediaPortal, then using Translator to send that keystroke when the button is pressed. But I'm wondering if there is a way to add those buttons so that I can map them directly in the MPRemoteInput plugin config, instead of this roundabout route? I tried to figure out by myself if I could edit some XML files to do the job, but IRSS didn't seem to like my experiments. Or should I just be happy to have a working configuration, and leave it alone?

    BTW using the iMON USB receiver plugin, MCE option, remote control and keyboard input enabled.

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