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  1. brena

    MCE Remote Disable Volume Mapping

    Hi all - I upgraded an older MediaPortal 1 install to the 1.23 release. Am using a Microsoft remote (like pictured in the settings) and a Sonos soundbar. On the old MediaPortal version in the MCE remote settings I simply deleted the remote volume up/down mappings so these button presses were...
  2. T

    How to add missing buttons

    So my project yesterday was to get my MCE remote working and perfectly mapped with the internal IR receiver of my Antec Fusion Remote case. I have pretty much succeeded using IRSS, great! However there is something I would like to know if I could do in a better way. There are some buttons on my...
  3. curmudgeon

    Have Inteset USB IR Receiver and a remote. How to get remote working with MP Player 1.17?

    I have two Dell 990s, one is my MP player machine, the other the MP video recorder/server. Purchased Inteset USB IR receiver ( and plugged it in. For the remote I want to use to control my MP player...
  4. MrCrabs

    MCE remote(s) suddenly stopped working

    Hey, I've got a pretty weird issue with my MCE remote that worked well for years. But somehow it suddenly stopped working - not just with MePo but completely. I cannot even navigate in Windows explorer what always used to worked before. It seems like Windows (10) just does not react to the...
  5. Steve.Rayner61

    WITHDRAWN (With apologies) - Yellow Subtitle Button not working since 1.16.0 upgrade

    Apologies to anyone who had already read my post below. I made a mistake. I'd forgotten that I had to do a complete install of 1.16.0 (Rather than upgrade), so the option to enable DVB Subtitles in TV config was off. Having said this, the issue that appeared after the 1.15.0 upgrade, where the...
  6. J

    Universal Xbox Remote New Black ONE

    I am trying to get this remote to work on the HID but it does seem to control media Portal, The IR lights up on the MCE IR receiver but no go. I have seen this post using Inteliremote Is there an easier way using...
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