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  • January 1, 2015
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    Since i switched to MP2 i had serveral issues getting my Harmony Remote (configured as MCE Remote) working nice with my build iMon Reciver and Mediaportal 2 using IRSS. But i got it solved! Due to, there's no real tutorial i just want to give some hints how i done it. So what do you need:
    - iMon Manager installed
    - IRSuite installed
    - a remote (here my Harmony)
    What to do:
    1. Set in iMon Manager to MCE Remote
    2. Set your iMon Manager to Plugin-Mode
    3. in IRServerConfigurater set your IMon Device to MCE, i didn't change any other settings there
    4. make sure IRServer using abstract remote
    If you did, you should be able to use your remote to navigate etc. But you will mention, that in IRSS the left and up button is inverted. Also you always get duble-clicks when pushing an arrow button on your Remote. To figure out this, it took me about 2hr of try and error. The problem is known but i didn't find how to fix and still keep a working remote. So what i did:
    5. open \Program Files (x86)\TeamMediaPortal\MP2-Client\Plugins\IrInput\DefaultRemoteMap.xml
    That is the remote map that in default settings is used (the name says ;) ) and because i was to dumb to find out how i can load my "learned" map (using abstractor) i just changed the mapping in the default one. First i unmapped the arrow keys in IRSS by mapping them to S:none. it should look like this:
      <MappedKeyCode Code="Up" Key_Name="S:none" />
      <MappedKeyCode Code="Down" Key_Name="S:none" />
      <MappedKeyCode Code="Left" Key_Name="S:none" />
      <MappedKeyCode Code="Right" Key_Name="S:none" />
    I also unmapped the colour-keys to avoid conflicts with translator settings i will use for some additional shortcuts, not sure if i needet to. After restarting IRServer you should mention that your remote won't bring the double clicks in MP anymore, you now have a good starting point for accessing other features with the translator shipped with IRSS. I use it to map some keys (colour + display keys of my harmony) for fetures like jumping to fullscreen, online videos etc.
    That's it, i hope there's someone who think that is usefull information. Maybe somebody can tell me how to load learned maps ;) Have Fun!


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  • June 17, 2008
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    I have a similar Configuration and made a Test-Install of MP2: Basically it's working, but one major thing I'm missing/don't understand is if IRSS is supported.

    Especially MP Control Plugin wich I used in MP1 to configure a lot of functions, individual Mappings, Macros...

    Therefore one elemtary Question: Is "MP Control Plugin" comparable to MP1 supported?
    And to get it in MP2 I do have to reinstall IRSS?


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