iPiMP 5.1.0 is released


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July 27, 2009

Just an update:
With version 1.5.2 beta for MP 1.2 I have managed to get the client server configuration of IPimp to work. The assumption that eventghost and the message plugin would interfear with IPimp has proven to be false. I'm able to control my client with both the Gyration and with IPimp


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May 2, 2012
i have a problem; i would like to use ipimp, but by default it choose the second language!! there is a way to choose the right language?
On mediaportal i haven't problem!
Can you post your C:\Program Files\iPiMP\Apache\logs\error.log - this will show which streams are available - you can amend the ffmpeg parameters to select a specific audio track, but this would be a global setting so do you know if all channels have the same issue? Perhaps you could stream a few different channels and post the log.
I was wondering if this already have been solved.
I have the same issue, by default the second audiostream is selected. But it isn't always.
Possible solution from Cheezey was to amend the ffmpeg parameters. I'm not shure how to.

Attached the errorlogfile.

In the Accesslogfile you can see a random selection of
GET /SmoothStream.isml/SmoothStream-audio_dut=64000-video=256000-1.ts HTTP/1.1" 200 115620
GET /SmoothStream.isml/SmoothStream-audio_eng=64000-video=256000-0.ts HTTP/1.1" 200 141752

where the difference is on the language.
It seems there's a random selection?


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