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  • March 10, 2006
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    Hi @fredco,

    The IMDb+ plugin normally updates MediaInfo automatically for that reason.

    Just haven't been in a position to release a new IMDb+ plugin in years, but that is going to change soon. In the middle of a massive move, which includes moving my PCs and upgrading them at the same time. It won't be any time soon, but gradually I will be able to install Visual Studio on HTPC again and control it from my office for development on IMDb+.

    For now you are fixed, and once I'm settled in I'll find time to work on IMDb+ again for a new plugin release.

    MediaPortal should include the new version as well, but they update less frequently then MediaInfo, which is why I added the upgrade system to IMDb+ and kept closer track of updates from the MediaInfo developers. The new v1.23 has many changes planned regarding MediaInfo, which is why MP-TVSeries and Moving-Pictures will break without getting fixed as well, so maybe a better upgrade system is planned.

    @Sebastiii might have time to clarify, but I know the MediaPortal Team is busy on a lot of other aspects as well.

    PS: Edit your first post to adjust title to add "[solved]" prefix (checkbox somewhere when you edit post), so it benefits other Moving-Pictures users as well that might run into the same issue.


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    Hi :)
    There is a new change in MP for MediaInfo and it seems there is no more DLL, I didn't fully follow the change and ask for a wiki page to have dev to understand the change:).
    @azzuro @yartat can help more :)


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  • March 10, 2006
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    @TLD, open Moving-Pictures config, and switch to "About" tab, as per:


    Then click on "Advanced Settings" button in bottom right corner:


    Acknowledge the warning, and you should see:


    And then adjust "Thread Count" at the top.

    Safest setting is thread count of 1, but import massive amount of movies will be the slowest then. Of course time is irrelavant when you are experiencing issues.


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  • March 10, 2006
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    Was initially going to reply that the steps to get to the advanced settings to adjust Thread Count are all in the FAQ, and realized that thread was totally broken, so quarantine benefit is that I fixed that monster thread as well :cool:

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