1. fredco

    [solved] Large import not working

    I'm starting a new thread about an old issue of which I seem to be the only one having trouble with. When I use ANY version of MP beyond 1.16 I am not able to import a large movie collection at once. So I'm still stuck with 1.16 on ALL my MP instances, which are quite a few... I have a...
  2. A

    Filenaming Season and Episode Numbers not working

    I've been at this for days, and I can't seem to get the advanced record settings to name TV recordings with Series and Episode Numbers in MP 1.16 on a Windows 10 machine. I've tried the options in "Movies" and "Series" with defaults and my own options and the file names come out with blanks...
  3. barneh

    OnlineVideos disabled in MP 1.16

    Hi, I updated to MP 1.16 and I got an notification that OnlineVideos was disabled. I can read here on the forum that the version is compatible with MP 1.16. But as I can see this version is not released trough the official update channels... only exist in the forum. The plugins product...
  4. T

    1.16.0, madvr and bluray 3D .iso

    Hi I have upgraded to 1.16.0 Pre Relase recently and enabled madvr hoping I could play 3D Bluray .iso without a need to use PowerDVD. Although madvr works like it should in 2D, I can't get 3D Bluray .iso to play in 3D - all of them play in 2D via Mediaportal. I have a new 0.69.0 / 0.69.0-2...
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