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    Have had issues with H.264 DVB-T *.ts files playback recently. Have traced to Intel's latest HD4600 drivers. The following was happening:

    -when attempting to play any *.ts files, from within MP, it would crash, after about 4 seconds, & restart -EVERYTIME.
    -trying to payback same files using MPC-HC, would play with audio, but no video.

    After reinstalling an earlier version of Intel's drivers -win64_15.40.42.5063.exe, the system would operate correctly.

    I have attached the logs in case anyone is interested in following up.

    PS. there is also possibility the issues I was having to system not hibernating, as set in 'Power Options', is related.

    PPS. if this is not in the appropriate area, please relocate it.



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    February 15, 2014
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    I am running MediaPortal 1.25 on a Lenovo T440p with Intel HD 4600 Graphics.

    After the latest Lenovo Intel Graphics update v20.19.15.5126, I now have this issue as well.
    Media Portal will crash and restart after attempting to play a recorded H.264 DVB-T *.ts file.

    Un-installing the latest Intel Graphics driver update fixes the issue.

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