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I just installed MP2 2.1 Release last night primarily for this plugin. I have used Exodus for Kodi and this looked like it had the potential to be even better. Two big problems and one annoying one:
1) I cannot change the download directory. It always wants to stay at c:\Windows. Tried various things to click on, and it lets me select a directory that I created, but it won't save. I tried running MP2 as admin, no luck. I also looked for a config file where this was stored to change it manually but couldn't find it.

2) Almost nothing plays. Various errors. But this one on Movie25 is typical after selecting a movie from the list: Field not found onlinevideos.sites.deferredresolveutil.sh. After 40 minutes or so of messing around, I got a baywatch trailer to play and that is all.

3) The annoying one is after selecting anything it takes 5 or more seconds before the next screen is displayed. Which in and of itself isn't that horrible (it is retrieving lists of files etc. from remote sites). But no wait cursor like the circular dots is shown so you don't know if it took your click or not. I'm not sure if this is an issue with this plugin, or with MP2.

And one question ... I see lots of supported sites off of a list on the Wiki and the main MP site. But I do not see these in the stream configuration settings at all. I realize there are several adult streams in that list and maybe that's why. But how would I get the entire list available to me? Is there a different place to get the updates from?

MP2 and this plugin sure has a lot of potential. I did have the plugin update the stream settings, several times in fact. And restarted MP 2 after just in case that was the problem. But my first attempt was disappointing to say the least.

EDIT: I'll get the system logs and post them. I thought that error might be enough. But the saving of the download directory might show something for that problem.
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    Hi @CodeMonkey,

    We require logs to provide a qualified answer to all your questions. From what I understand from the above you refer mainly to the OnlineVideo section. MP supports what you see on the xcreen, however, sites constantly change their structure and what was working yesterday can be dead today.

    The time delay of 5 sec can very well be due to the fact that you have defined shares and huge importer jobs are running in the background. Until media import - which is a process that downlaods Gigabytes of data - is finished, you'll experience a reduced responsiveness of the system. Until you've provided full logs I can only speculate.
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