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February 14, 2016
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So I've discovered Media Portal 2 tends to crack the sads if the TV is turned off while the media portal client is running. First time this happened the windowed/full screen settings were changed and it took some time to work it out and change them back. This time, however, my media source paths seem to have been broken. Reimporting doesn't work, deleting all media source settings and starting from scratch doesn't work. All the files still play fine individually with VLC, however, they don't exist anymore according to media portal. Which is pretty damn frustration. Any ideas on how to fix this without doing a complete reinstall of media portal?


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  • January 13, 2006
    Hi Spazmodious,
    you can reset MP2 to the state right after install (actually even a bit before that...) the following way:
    I assume you have MP2-Server and MP2-Client installed on the same Computer ("Single-Seat").
    On that computer, exit the MP2-Client and stop the MP2-Server service (e.g. by opening a command prompt and entering 'net stop "MP2 Server Service"'.
    Win Windows Explorer go to C:\ProgramData\Team Media-Portaln (This directory is a "hidden" directory - so to see it, you either need to blindly copy the path to explorer or set explorer to show hidden files and directories).
    Then delete the MP2-Server and MP2-Client folders completely.
    Then restart the MP2-Server (e.g. by opening a command prompt and entering 'net start "MP2 Server Service"'
    Restart MP2-Client
    Now wait a second - it will prompt you whether you want to "attach" it to your MP2-Server. Follow the stept on the screen to do so.
    Now your Installation should be clean again and you can start re-adding your MediaSources.
    Hope that helps!

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