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    Separate Media and TV servers

    Hi, Is it possible to have one MP2 server managing my local media and another separate MP2 server handling TV service functionality? Then use a MP2 client to connect to both servers for media and TV service capability? Reason I ask is that I would prefer that my noisy media server is not...
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    Can't enter a network share path as a media source - cannot access any of my media.

    I just installed MP2, and tried to enter a media source. All my media is on my NAS. I entered the username+pw credentials for the share (which I know are correct and work without issue as a user). I then tried to enter the share. The list of network shares includes all 6 devices that offer...
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    Media sources broken

    So I've discovered Media Portal 2 tends to crack the sads if the TV is turned off while the media portal client is running. First time this happened the windowed/full screen settings were changed and it took some time to work it out and change them back. This time, however, my media source paths...
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