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  • July 26, 2008
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    Using MediaPortal Automatic merits...

    I am trying to work through what I think is a very strange problem. My system is Vista32SP1 on a Intel DG45ID with HDMI out, with Divx 7.0, madflac (latest), ac3 filter (1.51), and latest Matroska Splitter.

    I have the enabled the setting for "automatic directX filter settings" (sorry, cant remember exact name, but its the one that warns that you have to know what you are doing with DirectX merits).

    I assume this would mean that MP would use the same filters, based on merits, that other applications would use.

    I have several mkvs with flac audio tracks. I am trying to play them and get the flac output be routed to ac3 filter (dont ask why, long story - related to the sound driver on my DG45 I think - subject for another battle :)).

    If I play the mkv in MediaPlayer11, GraphStudio, MediaPlayerClassic-HomeCinema, it routes the way I expect, respecting my DirectX merits (Matroska->madFlac->ac3filter->AudioRenderer). But if I play it in MediaPortal, it seems to output PCM directly from madFlac, not going through ac3filter.

    I can post logs if it helps, but am I doing anything obviously stupid?

    Thanks for any insight,


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