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April 24, 2007
Netherlands Netherlands
OK, but can anyone explain what this function actually does? How does this work? I mean, different graphs are needed for different channels because different channels need different codecs (mpeg2/h264/AC3/etc), right? It is not possible to know what channel you are going to tune to, so how can the graph than be preloaded?
There are two directshow graphs running when you are using TVE3. 1st one is running in the service process and it handles the BDA driver side + writing data to the HD. 2nd graph is inside MediaPortal process and that handles the .ts file / TS buffer playback.

The 1st graph doesnt need to know anything about the video and audio formats that its recording, therefore that graph canbe preloaded. Also the 1st one is usualy much slower graph to build.

:D Thanks a lot for your explanation! :D (this should be explained in the first post imo, so more people actually know what they are doing when changing things)
And probeably because I had the MP client/server on the same pc, I never experienced any slowness with this...(I guess)
...And the missing audio problem is than probeably caused by the second graph :) :s
Thanks again!


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November 8, 2008
I'm a new user trying to get this program running for the first time. I was having the "Start service?" "Service not started" problem. I replaced the .dll as recommended and now when I try and run the TV server configuration it asks if I want to start the service and I tell it yes and nothing happens. I tried starting it manually but windows says "the service starts and stops immediately", or something like that. The first installation would start the service, I had to stop it to replace the dll, but now it won't start at all.

There is no error log I can attach as it doesn't seem to crash anything. I do get a services error message "Failed to startup tvserviceSystem.Net.Sockets.SocketException: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it" I tried uninstalling everything and reinstalling, applying the new dll right away, but the problem persists. What do I do? VMC doesn't like my tuner (I don't blame it) so I really wanted to use MP.

My computer info:
Intel Core 2 Duo
HD 3850 Video Card
Pinnacle 800i Tuner
Vista Ultimate x64 SP1

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