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December 5, 2005


I was using version 0.2.3 and moved to RC2 and now RC3 (20514). I currently have three problems:

1) when trying to fast forward or rewind in either TV or recorded TV is does not work properly. It is very slow and time randomly 'jumps' (for example if i set to forward x32 nothing happens for 10 seconds then it jumps forward for 1 minute, then nothing happens for 20 seconds and then jumps forwards 2 seconds, etc..). This was working fine in 0.2.3 and has been a problem since moving to rc2 and still exists for me in rc3 (20514)

2) If I record a film on TV it shows that it is completely recorded but when I go to watch the film, it bombs out on me around halfway through (even though the details show that it is the whole film). Again, this worked fine for me in 0.2.3 and has been a problem since moving to rc2 and still exists for me in rc3 (20514)

3) When watching HD channel (BBC HD is the only HD channel that I have), the tuner(s) is having problem switching to the channel. In svn 20514 it now says 'encrypted yes' and will only switch to if I put on any other channel first (this itself is no big problem except for recording) however when I do switch to the channel (after tuning another channel first), the picture is fine, but I have no audio at all. Both switching to the channel and the audio was working fine in RC2 and RC3 (20432). The decoder (NVIDIA) also shows no audio input signal when I switch to BBC HD (I have tried all the other decoders with no joy)

logs attached

Thanks for your help and keep up the good work.


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    is finally working "stop" command when TV is running?
    If you are in fullscreen TV, you need to ESC fullscreen and then you can stop TV.
    This is by design to avoid users loosing their timeshift file by accidentally pressing stop.

    ok, if this is argument so it sounds reasonable......but what about if Im out of TV?? Because Im able to stop TV by "stop" command and then is really more probable to accidentaly stop TV because Im using remote to watch i.g. weater.....but it has never happened me so Id really appreciate to stop it with "stop" command.

    So at least dont remove this ability

    I know this isn't the forum for this nor is it new to this svn but as it was brought up here I would like to comment on this too, and maybe get another explanation than the "it's by design" response...

    I can't understand why it's more "dangerous" to stop the timeshifting while in fullscreen tv than in any other mode. When in fullscreen mode you're likely not touching the remote as much as when maybe browsing the epg...and if you still accidently press stop and you loose the timeshifting is that really a big deal? You can turn tv back on in a second, of course you're not able to rewind any more but still...By the way it's fully supported to put your htpc to sleep while watching tv in fullscreen (and the standby button is usually at the top of the remote and therefore more likely to get "accidenlty" pressed if you have the remote lying on the sofa) and then you also loose the timeshiting AND if you accidenlty pressed the standby button you'll also have to wait while the htpc shuts down and then have to turn it back on, but before it is powered up again and you got tv running you have lost several minutes of the tv program.

    Please don't take my post as i want to change the current stop functionality but just as maysider2 I would like to be able to stop tv while in fullscreen.



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    I can see this being useful.

    For myself, I've got the Power button on my remote programmed to Exit LiveTV, Stop and shut down the TV and Audio system in one press.

    Other times, I hit the green button to go to Basic Home, then hit the Stop key.


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