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If there are still some people needed, I have a sound card that's different from most people, you might need someone with that...

Abit IS7 - Intel P4 2600(800) - 512MB DDR CL2 Corsair Twinx - 160GB Seagate Baracuda SATA - Asus V9520MAGIC/T - Hauppauge PVR-350 - Audiotrak Progidy 192 - Windows XP Pro (SP2) - USB-UIRT - Marantz Remote - iPAQ 5550 (soon to be remote)

I'm from Belgium, if that's important too...


Hey MP-team

I would like to become a tester, but not for a special plugin or hw etc.

I want to become a tester for thinks like:

- usability
- improvement suggestions
- etc

Tester for the whole little (sometimes uncomfartable) things in this prog.

Is this a idea?

Please let me know ;-)




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January 3, 2005
Italy Italy
I'd like to test too!!!

I have an HTPC with
SkySTAR2 rev.2.6c -
Pentium IV 3.0 HT - 512 DDR - sapphire 9200 SE -
Windows XP pro SP1a - 85 cm dual 13+19,2

I use only TV OUT


oh...I forgot... :shock:

My PC: k7s5a Pro (the one with the ten usb´s and IR pin)
Creative SounBlaster Live 5.1 Digital
XFX Gforce4mx440 agp8x
Hauppage Wintv (Primio?) fm Stereo Nicam (wintv 88x)
Hauppage remote
512m TwinMos Sdram
Maxtor 80gb ata133 HDD.

I think That´s all.

Also a Adsl BroadBand connection.

And I´m from Portugal


Hello, I want to help :D, I am from Spain.
My PC:
AMD Sempron 3000+
1 GB DDR 400
HD 80 GB
XFX GF FX5200 128 MB
Analogical TV card Conceptronic TV/FM


i would like to be a tester for mytv and epg for the visionplus dvb t with bda drivers.

I also have a laptop i am planning to set up with mp and a usb tuner so if somebody can suggest a good(but reasonably priced one) I would be happy to help with it too.



I'd be interested in becoming a tester.
my region is Greece
i had a follow configuration

1st pc

Intel 925 board 3.4gh
1 gb memory
2 hdd sata 120gb in raid 0
1 hdd sata 120gb for backup
dvdrw nec3520a
wintv hapagause 350

2nd pc

Via epia MII1000
256 mb memory
Pinacle tv pro
1hdd ide
1dvd player


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  • April 22, 2004
    The Netherlands
    Netherlands Netherlands
    We now have more then enough testers
    I'm sorry i cannot reply to each volunteer, but i got SO many
    emails and PM's that it will cost me a week to reply to all of them
    I would like to thank everybody
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