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Discussion in 'MediaPortal 1 Talk' started by Frodo, February 2, 2005.

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  1. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    Hi team,

    I'ld like to volunteer my time as well, I've worked previously as lead software quality assurance (beta-tester) for three companies, as well as participated in a couple of public software beta tests (eg: Ground Control II and I can't recall the others off the top of my head - must be coffee time). I'm from a TV editing/broadcast background and I have the following cards I can help test with.

    Avermedia A771 DVB-T (WDM)
    Avermedia A800 USB 2.0 DVB-T (BDA)
    Avermedia A16A DVB-T (BDA)
    Lifeview DVB-T (BDA)
    Fusion HDTV Plus (BDA)

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  3. user7_global

    user7_global Guest

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    PVR-500 testuser for MyTV


    i´am in germany and would be glad to help!

    PC1: XP SP2, i D845EBG2, P4 2.4, 1GB, 9700 PRO UE, PVR-500 Model 23559 Rev. D391. (mp works fine with CVS from 02.02. 10h, before i had probs with vmr9)

    PC2: XP MCE 2005 SP2, i D865GBF, Cel.D 2.66, 2x512 DDR400, GF5200 (128MB, passiv gek.), PVR-350 Model 48134 Rev. J321 + PVR-250 Model 32054 Rev. B148, MCE IR., MediaMVP D3A (mp not tested up to now)

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    Currently testing, might as well be reporting my results. Got a lot of pc's around here

    Pc1: Athlon XP 2500+, 512m, 120G+40G, ATI AllInWonderRadeon (the original, 7200 i guess), creative serial remote
    Pc2: Dell Inspiron 5150 Laptop
    Pc3: Dell Optiplex GX1
    Pc4-6: Dell Latitude CP
    Pc7: Dell Optiplex GxPro

    -PLZ make an installer that overwrites previous versions
    -sometimes MP gets confused between my video card and the digital camera/Webcam
    -i have the latest version of the ATi Catalyst video driver, the tuner won't stay selected, reinstalling the media control centre...
  5. sirius

    sirius Guest

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    I just built a new athlon 64 3200+ 939 socket machine and am just getting into HTPC's.

    I have had previous experience in software development. I am currently looking for software that will fill my HTPC requirments and media portal looks good.

    Problem is i cant get it to run with the card i just bought a Divco Fusion DVB-T. If i could help in anyway to remedy the problems you are having with these cards and also any other testing you require i would be happy to.

    Feel free to contact me regarding this, probably email would be the best way.

  6. moremetall

    moremetall Portal Member

    October 29, 2004
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    Twinhan Visionplus Mytv

    Hi !

    I'm interested to help out on MyTV

    I'm using the TwinhanDTV Ter-CI digital tuner card

    GF FX 5600 (ASUS)
    AMD 2.5 / Nforce 2 / Abit NFS-2.0

    Kind Regards
  7. NEOBassDUDE

    NEOBassDUDE New Member

    January 31, 2005
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    Programming / Student
    Huntington Beach, CA
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    I'd like to test as well

    I don't have a tv card.

    But I use mediaportal every single day to watch movies.

    In fact, I never watch tv and use mediaportal and my computer exclusively to watch dvd and movies.

    I'm considering buying a tuner card at some point.

    I'm competent in c# and .net framework; so if I do come around any bugs I can provide you (possibly) cleaner bug reports etc.

    Athlon 64 3200
    Dual Dell 2005FPW 20.1 widescreen lcds
    Radeon 9800se modded to pro
    Windows XP sp2 / Windows x64/ SuSE 9.2 x86_64
    320gigs of space
  8. tom1502

    tom1502 Portal Pro

    October 4, 2004
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    Home Country:
    Germany Germany
    Hey Guy'S, i want to test too!
    Having a SS2,
    and A Hauppauge nova-s (can be used with BDA'S) but i am not sure if i can use my LNB without DiseqC(however written)
    Just tell me what i have to do...
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    I want to test MyTV with you guys!
    I own a TechnoTrend DVB-T 1300 Budget and TeccnoTrend DVB-S 1.3 Premium card.
    Soon i will have a TwinHan DVB-T CI card.
  10. tekscooby

    tekscooby Guest

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    I like to be a tester

    Hi Team

    I like to be a tester

    Athlon 1900 XP
    1 GB DDR 266
    Hard Disk 220 GB
    3D Blaster 5 FX 5200
    Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinium
    Pinnacle MediaCenter 300i
    Windows XP pro SP 2 Italian

  11. sciutand

    sciutand Portal Member

    February 4, 2005
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    Would like to be a my tv tester:

    Twinhan 1030 with bda driver (dvb-s)
    Nova-t (philips chipset) with bda driver (dvb-t)
    2x Blackgold GDI dvb-t with BDA driver

    Currently using MCE 2005, would like to try MP to use sat DVB-s and DVB-t at the same time. Mce cannot do that at the moment. Good knoeledge of Graphedit and its filters.

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