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  • September 27, 2009
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    Just installed the 1.3.0 RC, and I couldn't find the option to start Mediaportal in windowed mode.

    Then I tried passing /windowed as command line parameter, and when I start Mediaportal /windowed, it starts fullscreen (and more: on my adjacent monitor a couple of pixels of the image are visible, attached screenshot has 1288 pix of background, while my monitor is 1280), but after initializing plugins etc it resizes to become a windowed program.
    After that, it takes a couple of seconds for the fullscreen background to disappear, and all looks normal again.
    This is both with titan and defaultwide

    Is this desired/designed behavior, and what are the thoughts on that?
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  • February 23, 2008
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    Doesn't sound like intended behaviour doskabouter. Might very well be related to a LOT of skin engine changes that were done in the RC release.

    Just tried to reproduce this, and i see simular behaviour as you do with the 'mediaportal /fullscreen=no' command-line.

    Maybe @Scythe42 can comment on this, since he's been working for a long time on the half/fullscreen issues and did the skin engine changes in RC.

    ** EDIT **
    2013-02-09 18:46:03.394121 [Info.][MPMain(1)]: Main: Checking for running MediaPortal instance
    2013-02-09 18:46:03.396123 [Debug][SplashScreen(3)]: FullScreenSplash: Splashscreen.xml found: C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\Skin\Titan\splashscreen.xml
    That still seems to be showing in the background.
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    Look simple enough. Tested by Seb and HomeY, so do you feel this is ready to merge?

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