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  • July 19, 2008
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    Unfortunately, YLE HD is the only TV channel with AC3 audio that I have access to. So far, it seems that your changes have fixed the problems I had with audio language detection. I went through a few recordings I had - also from YLE HD - and watched some TV shows with either only Finnish or both Dutch and English audio tracks. They were all detected correctly. I did not see any problems with language detection with MPEG2 audio either. Thank you! :D

    On Monday, my cable operator gave everyone free access for the following HD channels until the end of August:

    • Animal Planet HD
    • BBC HD
    • CANAL+ Premier HD
    • CANAL+ Sport HD
    • CANAL+ Urheilu HD
    • Discovery HD Showcase
    • Eurosport HD
    • Eurosport 2 HD
    • FOX HD
    • iConcerts, HD
    • MTV3 HD
    • MTV3 MAX HD
    • HD
    • Nat Geo Wild HD
    • National Geographic HD
    • Silver HD
    • TNT HD
    • Viasat Film Action HD
    • Viasat Film Drama HD
    • Viasat Film Family HD
    • Viasat Film HD
    • Viasat Film Nordic HD
    Many of these have one or more AC3 audio streams. I tested all the channels. The only audio stream identified as "UNK" was MTV Live HD's MPEG2 audio stream. I don't think this is a problem with MP, however, because VLC identifies it identically. So, I'm happy to report that everything still seems to be working just fine.
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