MP suddenly Crashes when starting live TV on most channels and on recordings from the same channels (3 Viewers)


March 28, 2020
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For Windows 10 better EVR

WBR, ajs :):whistle::coffee:
Perfect - will play around with the settings and the driver update when the wife is finish watching netflix ;-)
thanks for all your help - it lead me to check the dates and find the solution!!
Will write back here with the conclusion for others in the same situation and then marked it as solved! :)
Thanks again!


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    Its for history and info... :)

    WBR, ajs :):whistle::coffee:


    March 28, 2020
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    I notice that you are using VMR9 as the video renderer. Although this is offered as a choice in "MP Config":

    View attachment 204789

    I believe that the MP default is EVR. Because the default is used by more people than the other choices, it is likely that the default has been better debugged, i.e. more likely to work without error.

    You may have a specific reason for wanting to use VMR9, but as a test I would suggest switching to EVR for a day or two, to see if it makes a difference.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK
    when looking at settings its already set to evr.. i made to logfile by starting watcgdog and starting mp trough that - it does say something about default settings...

    And try unchecked "stop playback on removal audio" and may be turn on "Use workaround FCU blackscreen fix"...:whistle::):coffee:
    with the new driver installed and evr and and to 2 suggestions above i get the same result.
    should i try the mad thing or wont that influence anything?

    have included new logfiles from normal start of mp with the evr and the 2 settings - mp restarts automaticly even though i have disabled it in mp configuration - hope that doesnt ruin the log files...

    will revert to old driver and no auto update for now....
    thanks again !!!



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    will revert to old driver and no auto update for now....
    Graphics drivers seem to be quite unreliable. All three manufacturers (AMD, Nvidia, Intel) update their graphics drivers frequently to get the last ounce (gram?) of performance in video games. The manufacturers rarely seem to test their driver updates adequately, and so some (older) hardware or some features encounter errors where previously they worked correctly.

    If you like playing the latest computer games, and have just recently purchased the latest super-duper whizz-bang graphics card, you will need to use the latest drivers to get the best performance from it. But the graphics requirements of an HTPC are quite modest (although the most-recent compression system introduced in Germany(?) a year or two ago requires support from the graphics card to avoid overloading the CPU).

    So, if you don't have any problems with your graphics card, there is no reason to update the drivers when a new one is offered (either by Windows Update, AMD Update, Intel Update, Nvidia Update, or Lenovo Update).

    I note that you are using Windows 10 Pro. I think that the "Pro" version does allow you to stop automatic Windows updates, but this facility is not available to users of the "Home" edition. However, you can (I think) separately stop automatic updates of device drivers, and this is available to users of the "Home" edition. (I hope I have got that right -- I do have Windows 10 on a laptop, but I don't use Windows 10 that often.)

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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