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MP-TVSeries v2.5.4 Stable Release [01-Jun-2010]

Discussion in 'My TVSeries' started by ltfearme, February 3, 2010.

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  1. ltfearme
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    ltfearme Community Plugin Dev

    June 10, 2007
    Software Test Engineer
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    Australia Australia
    MP-TVSeries focuses on managing the user's TV Series library with minimal user interaction, allowing for a more user friendly and ease of use experience.

    The MP-TVSeries plugin will scan your hard drive (including network and removable drives) for video files, it then analyzes them by their path structures to determine if they are TV Shows. If the file(s) are recognized then the plugin will go online and retrieve information about them. You can then browse, manage and play your episodes from inside MediaPortal in a nice graphical layout.

    The information it retrieves is coming from theTVDB.com which allows any user to add and update information. The plug-in will automatically update any information so should for instance a series description change, this will automatically update for you. Please go there and support zsori (author and admin) by adding data and uploading artwork. Remember, without this database none of this would be possible. All fields available there are/will be supported.

    Minimum Requirements: MediaPortal 1.0.1 (Stable)

    Other useful links:

    TVSeries v2.5.3 - v2.5.4 Maintenance Release Change Log
    Show Spoiler

    Issue 408: Publish a new extended GUI Property for 'Currently Playing' in InfoService v1.6 Twitter.
    Issue 401: Fixed Episodes wont play if check for subtitles on play is enabled and subtitledownloader disabled.
    Issue 400: Fixed skin files to work with Turkish Regional settings.
    Issue 382: Fixed Importer failed when moving/copying folders to 'Local' import paths.
    Issue 339: Fixed Episode counts and Remote colour not updating after episodes were deleted.
    Issue N/A: Fixed a possible exception when navigating episode view when an episode has not been parsed from online.
    Issue N/A: Updated error checking when deleting files, now will handle any error when unable to access a file.
    Issue N/A: Updated Recently Added episodes sent to Infoservice to send the three most recently added after each import.
    Issue N/A: Updated Subtitle Downloader library to v2.0.0.
    Issue N/A: Updated MediaInfo library to v0.7.33.
    Issue N/A: Updated Spanish translations, thanks joarreba.
    Issue N/A: Added Korean translations, thanks seungjong.lee.
    Issue N/A: Added Portuguese (Brazilian) translations, thanks pauloturij.

    TVSeries v2.5.2 - v2.5.3 Maintenance Release Change Log
    Show Spoiler

    Issue 378: Fixed an unhanded exception when attempting to add a series to a view from details tab in configuration when an Episode or Season node was selected.
    Issue 376: Fixed Download Menu item appears for subtitles even though its disabled in configuration.
    Issue 374: Fixed deletes from database not working if no local file(s) were detected.
    Issue 361: Fixed 'Up' navigation to increase Star Ratings in rate dialog. Blue3 skins updated.
    Issue 375: Added a background task to plugin load to check for available subtitle downloader sites. Previously done when initially loading context menu which may have caused a delay on slower systems.
    Issue 217: Added a 'Rescan MediaInfo' menu item to the details tab in configuration for selected node (episode, season or series).
    Issue N/A: Added version of plugin to configuration splashscreen.
    Issue N/A: Fixed Tab Order in Configuration General Settings Tab.
    Issue N/A: Fixed an unhanded exception when canceling the Delete dialog in configuration.
    Issue N/A: Fixed Error Dialog not being displayed if plugin was unable to delete subtitles.
    Issue N/A: Updated French translations, thanks Ubela64.

    TVSeries v2.5.1 - v2.5.2 Maintenance Release Change Log
    Show Spoiler

    Issue 331: Fixed Episode playback not working if subtitle was not found when download subtitle on play was enabled.
    Issue 366: Fixed exception and inability to load plugin in GUI when no Import Paths were defined.
    Issue 367: Fixed DeviceManager staring when resuming from standby if ImportPath monitoring was disabled.
    Issue 369: Added ability to delete subtitles from disk. This is available from delete menu if 'Allow Delete from GUI' is enabled in configuration.
    Issue 365: Added feedback message to user if plugin could not delete an episode from disk. Items will also not be removed from database if this occurs.
    Issue N/A: Added a 'Play Now' menu item to Subtitle download context menu.
    Issue N/A: Updated Subtitle Downloader library to v1.9.1.
    Issue N/A: Updated Italian translations, thanks Cybertex.
    Issue N/A: Updated Spanish translations, thanks Pedernal74.
    Issue N/A: Updated French translations, thanks Ubela64.
    Issue N/A: Updated Dutch translations, thanks Zinu.
    Issue N/A: Updated Danish translations, thanks Steffansp.

    Note: there are new translations in this release, please see bottom of en(us).xml for updates.

    TVSeries v2.5.0 - v2.5.1 Maintenance Release Change Log
    Show Spoiler

    Issue 360: Fixed Episode Counts when the airdate was invalid e.g. 0000-00-00.
    Issue 359: Fixed Double 'Play Random Episode' entry in configuration.
    Issue 325: Fixed GUI not updating after some update actions occured e.g. Added new series/episode via Import Path monitor.
    Issue 345: Fixed series ratings not being set if user rating did not exist.
    Issue 324: Fixed episode counts not updating in some circumstances.
    Issue 348: Fixed subtitle lookup when using translated name for series.
    Issue 346: Fixed issue with episode thumb disappearing from OSD after escaping back to series view.
    Issue 330: Fixed Episode facade colour for removable media, will now appear offline if thats the case.
    Issue 175: Fixed playlist action handling. Allow users to take screenshots or any other action without triggering playback.
    Issue 347: Fixed MediaInfo retrieval if file is locked, file is now skipped if the file is locked.

    Issue 354: Improved logging when selecting an image that does not exist in configuration.
    Issue 326: Improved AutoPlay handling and management with DVD Insert/Removed events. MediaPortal AutoPlay will be disabled while in plugin and re-enabled when exiting. Episodes will also be imported when new DVDs are inserted.

    Issue 352: Changed behaviour of 'Keep reference to files no longer available' functionality. This is now import share dependent i.e can be enabled on one share and disabled on another, users should update setting from Import tab in configuration if setting previously was enabled.
    Issue 154: Changed behaviour of 'Home' key to now take you to the 1st item in the list. 'h' key will continue to take you to the Home screen.

    Issue 004: Added new invoke commands that can be executed before\after playback of an episode. This is for advanced users only and requires editing of the database.
    Issue 340: Added option to configuration to skip file monitoring on network shares when full screen playback is detected. Some users had issues with stuttering/dropped frames.
    Issue N/A: Added Fanart filename when sending Recently Added episode information to InfoService plugin.
    Issue N/A: Added new option in configuration to ignore Future/Empty AirDates when calculating episode counts.
    Issue N/A: Added DTS-HD, TrueHD and Dolby Digital Plus logos to Blue3Wide skin.

    Issue N/A: Updated Greek translations, thanks ellapse.
    Issue N/A: Updated Swedish translations, thanks emphatic.
    Issue N/A: Updated MediaInfo to v0.7.28. Note: version is incorrectly reported as v0.7.27.
    Issue N/A: Updated SubtitleDownloader to v1.8.0.

    BIG THANKS to SilentExcept whom created patches for most of the issues listed above. Also armandp for DeviceManager code used in Issue 326.

    TVSeries v2.5 Release Highlights

    Blue3Wide skin refresh and Translation support:

    • Updated Blue3Wide Skin layout, modularized the skin files so its easier to maintain and read, better visibility of the Fanart and the GUI is fully Translated. For users that dont like the new look you can find the old skin in the Zip Package.

    • Skin properties are now read from all TVSeries xml files so skinners can modularize skin files.

    • New Skin properties, see Skin Designers Guide for more information.

    Updated Translations and Publishing to skin:

    • The following languages have been updated: Dansk, Czech, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Greek, Russian German, French, Danish.

    • New Translations have been added so skinners can fully translate any existing TVSeries strings used. Translations can also be used in Skin Formatting rules. See Debug Log for a complete list of translatable strings.

    • Thanks to the following people whom contributed translations: 1stDead, Kucheek, HenkieFlits, RoChess, macro.tips Cybertex, Pedernal74, elapse, Undel, Rasputin, catavolt, truffe, ubela64, Steffansp. We apologize if someone was missed.

    Import / File Monitoring:
    Improvements to way Network Shares are handled and a new Import feature:

    • Improved support for Network Shares when monitoring paths for changes. All mapped shares are translated to UNC paths and are now always picked by File Monitor when changes occur e.g. Delete File, Added File, Renamed File.

    • File Monitoring interval is now configurable and defaults to 5 mins. Setting can be changed in General Settings tab of configuration.
      Note: This only applies to Network Paths.

    • Added ability to update a single series/seasons/episodes from with-in the GUI. This also has the ability to delete and refresh Episode thumbnails which are sometimes out-dated or wrong. Setting for 'Update' is available from the Action menu after selecting an item.

    Speed Improvements and better Details Layout in Gridview:

    • Improved Speed of loading the configuration dialog, esp. for large number of episodes.

    • Improved Speed of Selections in Details tree, cleaned up Display Field names and removed unnecessary fields.

    • Fixed Configuration not displaying Episodes in details tab for large episode collections (15,000+).

    • Delete Logic is now consistent to the behaviour in the GUI.

    • Fixed Right Click select of series/seasons/episodes in Details Tree.

    • Logo Rules / Formatting Rules tabs are now hidden. Skinners can set import="false" in TVSeries.SkinSettings.xml to show tabs.

    Subtitle Downloading is no longer handled internally by plugin:

    • TVSeries now uses the SubtitleDownloader library provided by Seco, the Subtitle downloader library includes the support for many Subtitle providers/languages and can be configured in the plugin.

    Installer now include some new new 3rd Party Libraries:

    • MediaInfo has been added back to package so old MediaPortal versions can easily be upgraded, current version is v0.7.28.0.

    • Libraries to support Subtitle downloading have been added SubtitleDownloader.dll (v1.9.1) and 7zip.dll

    • Database backup path has changed to the MediaPortal Database directory to make it easier to find and apply backup if needed.

    General / Misc Changes:

    • Added new setting to Show season view when there is only one season available. Setting can be changed in General Settings of configuration.

    • Fixed and Re-Enabled Up/Down buttons in Parsing Expressions, much easier to add new ones and change order now

    • Changed defaults for 'Prompt to Rate Episode' and 'Automatically choose Aired episode order' to enabled.

    • Added support 'Recently Added Episode' for new feature of the InfoService plugin (thanks edsche).

    • Fixed Sort Order of episodes in the 'Recently Added' view to respect Time component. Episodes now added on the same day are now sorted correctly.

    • Fixed a crash in Episode only views e.g. 'Recently Added' and 'Latest' when viewing an episode that did not get parsed from online.

    • Added new configuration setting to 'Substitute Missing Season Poster with corresponding Series Poster', default is disabled. Setting can be changed in General Settings of configuration.

    We would like to thank all team members past and present and the community for their support and bug reporting. Thanks seco for integrating SubtitleDownloader into TVSeries and RoChess for starting a much needed FAQ

    Also thanks goes out to the following people whom contributed translations: 1stDead, Kucheek, HenkieFlits, RoChess, macro.tips Cybertex, Pedernal74, elapse, Undel, Rasputin, catavolt, truffe, ubela64, Steffansp.

    The following screenshots are from the Blue3Wide skin (included in this release)


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  3. RoChess
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    RoChess Extension Developer

    March 10, 2006
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    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    :D ltfearme and everybody else that helped to make this new release possible.

    My wife is forcing me to use the old skin look, so thanks for keeping a copy in the ZIP version.
  4. JustusIV

    JustusIV Portal Pro

    April 16, 2009
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    Home Country:
    United States of America United States of America
    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    Fixed a crash in Episode only views e.g. 'Recently Added' and 'Latest' when viewing an episode that did not get parsed from online.

    That was my bug. Thanks so much for the release, testing now!
  5. DieBagger
    • Team MediaPortal

    DieBagger Retired Team Member

    September 11, 2007
    Android Developer
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    Austria Austria
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    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    Awesome, thx a lot!
    • Premium Supporter


    September 19, 2007
    .NET Developer
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    Home Country:
    Turkey Turkey
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    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    Thanks for all your hard work!!!
  7. chrut

    chrut Portal Pro

    March 2, 2008
    +3 / 0
    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    How does this work now? Before v2.5.0 MP-TVSeries (MPTV) would update and delete the database if the external hdd (xHDD) was offline. This is because MPTV was fooled in to think that everything on the xHDD was deleted, even though it only was offline. Can I expect v2.5.0 to function like Moving Pictures, i.e. if xHDD is offline the database reamains untouched and doesn't get deleted? Will MPTV v2.5.0 be able to detect wheter if xHDD is offline or not? How does it work now?

    Thanks for the update MPTV-team, I really apprecaiate your work.:D
  8. RoChess
    • Premium Supporter

    RoChess Extension Developer

    March 10, 2006
    +1,578 / 2
    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    Going purely on what the description states (as I do not use it like this, I can't totally comment on it), it should be the following situation:

    • \\Server\\Share_name is maped to Z: drive on a client.
    • Z: is used as import path in MP-TVSeries

    So now MP-TVSeries will see "Z:" for what it really is and use the UNC path "\\Server\\Share_name", therefore preventing any problems when that share is not available. I guess the previous code has maybe some bugs, in which the Z: import path was seen as a real harddisk and when share wasn't available it would delete all the database references to it.

    I'm sure the developers can eleborate in more details, but that's how I read the description on the fix.

    But would be good for you to test your situation, and report it with debug logs if problem still exists.
  9. Zinu

    Zinu Portal Pro

    February 28, 2008
    +23 / 0
    Home Country:
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    Great work! Good thing that SubtitleDownloader library is included too :)

    ltfearme, will there be updated skinfiles for StreamedMP or are these also already included?
  10. tranquil

    tranquil Portal Pro

    September 18, 2008
    Perl Developer
    Tel Aviv
    +2 / 0
    Home Country:
    Israel Israel
    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    as usually, the proffesionals at work..

    great job guys, a long awaited version :).


    btw, did you removed/updated the torrent sites in the download option? (mininova dead,etc...)
  11. SilentException
    • Team MediaPortal

    SilentException Retired Team Member

    October 27, 2008
    Rijeka, Croatia
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    Home Country:
    Croatia Croatia
    Re: *NEW* MP-TVSeries v2.5.0 Stable Release [03-Feb-2010]

    nice, subtitle downloader is so sweet :)

    btw, if the series are imported from removable source as dvd, why they don't show up as not available in episodes view? i'm in series view and the series is red but after going into episodes view they are listed as available (normal color). if i click any i get message "please insert disc house #01" which is the disc label...
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