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August 25, 2020
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I have been having an issue for months with Live TV pixelating most of the time it is on a HD channel on my HDHomeRun Quatro and before that a BlackGold Quad (dual DVBS2 + dual DVBT2) BGT3600 card. I've attached my logs in the hope someone might be able to review them and tell me what settings are incorrect that I need to change to get it working properly.

I have uploaded 2 clips from tonight which I hope will demonstrate the pixilation I've been experiencing




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    I have been having an issue for months with Live TV pixelating most of the time it is on a HD channel
    I have looked at your log files, and the "TsWriter.log" file shows continuity errors, which (I think) is pixelation by another name. But you knew that already. Unfortunately I am not a TV expert, and so I cannot identify the cause of the problem from the log file.

    The usual cause of pixelation is a signal that is of insufficient strength or quality. The signal strength and quality values shown in the log seem good, but I am not an expert. So what is the problem?

    If you were experiencing this problem only with your Silicon Dust network tuner, and not with your Blackgold PCI/PCI-Express tuner, that might point to a problem with your firewall and antivirus setup, i.e. misconfiguration has resulted in Windows scanning the TV datastream for viruses and malware as the data arrives from the tuner. One way to check this would be to disable completely all firewall, antivirus, and antimalware software for a few days to see if the problem disappears. However...

    As your Blackgold tuner also had this problem, the cause may simply be the signal strength or quality. You should check your aerial system carefully. This might mean employing an aerial installer to fit a better external aerial. One thing to note: the tuners in HTPCs are less sensitive than the tuners in TV sets, so your TV set may be able to receive the signal without problem in cases where the HTPC tuner results in pixelation.

    One final possibility is to examine the routing of the cables at the back of your HTPC. A poor quality HDMI cable can cause interference in a poor-quality co-axial aerial cable, if they run parallel and close together. So try ensuring that they are separated by at least 6 inches. If you have spares available, try replacing the HDMI and/or co-axial aerial cables to see if that has any effect.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK

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