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September 29, 2019
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So my wife likes to record free to air TV shows. Lots of them. The first hard disk is almost out of capacity and I've just put a second disk into the PC, specifically to store recorded TV.
In the MP TV Server Configuration, I only seem to be able to set one recording folder (yes I'm aware I can set different ones per tuner but I have 4 tuners and don't really want to mess with individual folders for each tuner because it'll never be distributed evenly).
Is there any way to define multiple "global" recording folders, or a way to automatically move recording to another location once certain criteria are met (ie disk space below a certain percentage)?

Thanks for clarifying.


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    If I understand correctly, what could be interresting for you is define your disk as JBOD and/or, use the Windows disk managment to define disks as "simple big logical disk"


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    Is there any way to define multiple "global" recording folders
    I use Stablebit's "Drivepool" product (not free) to make multiple separate disks appear as a single drive letter. However, I do this for the "Videos" section in MP, and not the "Recorded TV" section. But that is just my choice -- it is not a limitation of "Drivepool", so I think that you could use it as you want.

    Drivepool attempts to distribute files evenly across all of the disks in the pool. The consequence of this is that related files may be placed on different physical disks. For example, the TS file for a recording might be placed on disk "X", the JPG file on disk "Y", and the XML file on disk "Z". However, this matters only if you decide to stop using Drivepool, when you would need manually to re-arrange the files. Drivepool does support different file-placement algorithms, but I have not tried any of those.

    The only problem that I have had with Drivepool was one of my USB disks disappearing from the pool occasionally when I used a particular setting. I think that this was caused by the USB disk powering down when not accessed for several minutes, and not being able to power up quickly enough when Drivepool needed to access it. Using a different value for that setting has prevented this problem recurring.

    An alternative to Drivepool is Drive Bender, but I have no experience of that.

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK


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    Copy or move the TV recordings that are older to another hard disk. Then specify this path under Videos (not TV). Then you can watch these recordings normally again. Since I record myself on an SSD, a larger (currently 2TB) would not be an option for me personally.


    Die TV Aufnahmen welche älter sind auf eine weitere Festplatte kopieren bzw. verschieben.
    Dann unter Videos (nicht TV) diesen Pfad angeben.
    Dann kann man diese Aufnahmen wieder ganz normal anschauen.

    Da ich selbst auf eine SSD aufnehme wäre eine größere (aktuell 2TB) für mich persönlich keine Option.

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