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  • December 17, 2010
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    As there are some more problems getting MSC running on 1.3 Beta as desired I thought I wrote a little HowTo. Maybe there are shorter ways than this, but this is definitely working...
    At first you need a "full" version of MSC. I'm using a "zipped" version as this is more easy to handle... To follow this Howto with the same version I've added a Zip with all necessary files to this post...
    First unpack this zip file. Than copy "language" folder to Media Portal language folder. Normally this is found in Program Data, a hidden Windows folder. So be sure you unhide this folder or at least show hidden files/folder inside Windows to access this..

    Then copy content of MediaPortal folder to a temporary folder of your choice.

    Now you can rename this dll to whatever you like.. Here we use MyTest.dll If you need more than one MultiShortCut you now have to copy the .dll as often as needed...
    If you have already working (patched) Multishortcut dll you need to copy them over here from MP Plugins/Windows dir also. I'm using 3 MSC already so we have 5 dll in total here. The new ones MyTest and MyTesting and the previous working ones ServerStart, ServerStop and XBMC...

    Now we are mostly done. Simply run DLLFix.exe now and the plugins (dll) are ready to use. DLLFix did only a single task here, but this is absolutely necessary. Each MP plugin has an individual ID. This has to be unique to avoid errors.. This ID is coded to the plugin itself. So the End- User can not change this. If you simply duplicate the dll you have two plugins with same ID. That did not work. DLLFix just alter this ID inside the DLL to become unique..
    After patching the dll copy them to MediaPortal Plugins/Windows.

    Now they show up inside the MP Config...

    The XBMC Plugin is further down the list, so it is not on this screenshot but it's definitely there also.
    Now you can start configuring the new shortcut the way you like. In first line you can see the Plugin ID which now is unique. This ID is used as Hyperlink Target in a MediaPortal Skin files to access this shortcut.

    Here is the "XBMC" Plugin showing on Basic Home screen

    Here are ServerStart and ServerStop also on BasicHome:

    And here are the other new created plugins in classic home screen:

    Hope you now get MultiShortcut to work as you like...

    Download: Note .zip file works for MP1.3 & 1.4 & 1.5


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    Thank you very much for this. It helped me out a lot!

    One more question is about how to get the shortcut to show up in StreamedMP? I tried following the instructions in this post, but I can't ever get it to show as an option to add as a menu item in the StreamedMP Editor. I can get it to show under the Plugins, but I can't get it added to my home screen.


    EDIT: Nevermind. I just found out that all I needed to do was click the button to Show XML names rather than the default and it showed in there.
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  • December 2, 2011
    Thank you for the updated install instructions.

    A helpful reminder to a previously installed multishortcut, delete or rename the file `multishortcut.xml`from directory
    C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal. This file will be recreated when initially running the plugin config. Also make note of your original settings from the config to ease the reentering of the information.


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    I would like to know this too. If not how do we go about getting it working with 1.4?


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    Hi there,
    I would prefer waiting for MP 1.4 final release, instead of a MP 1.4 pre-release to provide you a MultiShortcutcut compatibility plugin because, I found this pre-release not enough stable yet (at least, for me).
    However, if you REALLY need a compatible MultiShortcutcut plugin because you can't wait 2 months, it would be possible but, without tests from my side and, without future support until MP 1.4 final.
    Best Regards.


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    i find that 1.4 adds certain stability elements

    proper hdmi, proper system resume, fixed audio sync/loss
    for me these are major
    and now my system works properly

    if you cant put out the extenssion i understand
    but would really appreciate it

    Thank you for the excelent plugin you have provided us
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  • December 17, 2010
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    If you install and use MultiShortcut the "manual" way as described here, MSC is working pretty well on 1.4 Pre release. At least for me it does the job as good as always.


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    April 2, 2011
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    i performed an upgrade not a clean install
    so the dll's are already there
    i did run the dll fix util
    mpconfig still lists it as incompatible plugin

    tonight when i get home
    i will try to delete the dll's
    replace them
    and run dll fix again

    though i doubt it will change anything[DOUBLEPOST=1369658884][/DOUBLEPOST]***update***

    just tried it on my work pc
    mp config definately is saying incompatible plugin

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