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    the various artist
    This applies to all artists. :)
    in random order
    Not randomly, but in the order they were added to the database. :)
    If a secondary sort could be defined to sort them by album name that would be perfect!
    We do not have a second sort, there is only one sort. To add a second sort, you need to completely redo the engine. And this will affect all plugins in MediaPortal. Because This part is one for all. :):whistle::coffee:


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    Wrong sort order in some MusicViews

    JIRA - [MP1-4981] Wrong sort order in some MusicViews - MediaPortal Jira

    Problem: Music "sort by" AlbumArtist

    Solution: MediaPortal/MediaPortal-1

    Album View with Artists sort (screen shot after fix):
    View attachment 203457

    Album View with FileType sort (screen shot after fix):
    View attachment 203458
    thanks for adding to the bug list, do you have an idea for a solution, perhaps instead of displaying in order added to database, default to album name? from your previous post I wasn't sure if you think its possible to fix?

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