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March 21, 2005
Melb, Aus
Maedhros said:
Another useful feature would be normalization.
this is possible at the moment if you use foobar and the foobar plugin for mp. foobar will let you scan all your music and save 'replaygain' tags to the files, then when it plays the file back it will adjust it's internal preamp to match these tags.

replaygain is a fairly widely supported standard - lots of ripping/encoding programs will let you calculate and save these values :D


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April 22, 2005

My 2 cents worth:

A now playing screen, showing playing track, and folder.jpg (coverart) for the folder being played. Possibly a list of up coming tracks.

When in the playing state, some sort of highlight that shows which track is playing (in the list) - this would also mean that the list needs to scroll to keep the current track on screen.



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  • September 28, 2004
    Hi Stevev,

    So you had the gourage to open the MP:s pandoras box :D

    Most of the wishes are concerned how to display database on screen.

    There is a way to configure how your music is displayed. It is view setting in configuration app. Looks like not so many of us has used it before.

    Mine wish concerns about ability to translate those default views that come with MP installation package. Currently my music uses only one xml file to store names of views. this does not permit to ship readily translated files. If that xml could be read from language folder it could be translated.

    I also liked that view where album covers were after artist name.



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    December 15, 2005

    here are some features that are missing, or that i cannot find in the interface (so maybe it is my problem)

    i am using the mediacentre without a remote. (preferably mouse only)

    in the music player i cannot find an easy way to pause/stop/fwd the music.
    it should include the buttons somewhere in an easy to use toolbar (this is something that mce does very well)
    the media portal video player includes a pop-up on the bottom.

    look up info on the cddb database

    mediaportal navigation. i cannot use the mouse to go back to the main menu.

    in the list mode, if you display by album you have to click twice to open a song. first on a folder with the album, then on a folder with the name of the song and then again to play the song.

    i inserted a data cd pressed play cd and i got a daemon error. program did not recover, i had to restart my pc!!!!!!!

    just some ideas. great work.


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    December 8, 2005
    Thanks for taking a look into this...

    The normalization idea is a good one. Just relative volumes though... It sucks when the song itself gets normalized so this there are not relatively quiet and loud parts to the song... If there's something already in there I need to take a look into this Foobar thing...

    I've got my music sorted a la Mediaplayer rip... My Music - Artist Name dir\Album name dir\songs. I find that I most often look over at the Mediaportal screen to see which track is actually playing, as I'm usually aware fo the artist and album. The track name is usually only displayed briefly and then scrolls thru artist and album. For me, I'm more interested in the track name. So, maybe a display that shows the track name all the time, with artist / album / cover art rotating or in a less prominent spot?

    Maybe a full screen display mode that shows this information with some times info and upcoming / previous tracks? Not a big fan of the visualistions personally.

    A view where you only see the track name, not Artist - track name as I believe it currently is? With all the same artist in one dir, this is a bit redundent... (don't have it in front me right now... so excuse me if that's already the case.. going with hazy memory :) )

    There's a couple of ideas. Thanks again.


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    December 17, 2005
    I would like to see a now playing feature! This is one of my biggest disappointments with MediaPortal. Also would it be possible to add a status bar of how far along the currently playing song is and be able to move it to adjust where you want to go into that track? Also an optin to remove the visual and display the track info! I do not like having the visual on.




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    December 3, 2004
    stevew80 said:

    My 2 cents worth:

    A now playing screen, showing playing track, and folder.jpg (coverart) for the folder being played. Possibly a list of up coming tracks.

    When in the playing state, some sort of highlight that shows which track is playing (in the list) - this would also mean that the list needs to scroll to keep the current track on screen.

    I would really love to second this ala some MTV style overlay. Would look awesome. Plus yer the ability to highlight the current playing track which is already implemented in the playlist, surely you could just reuse that code? I don't know about about the programming.
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