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September 21, 2006
Pukerua Bay
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Hi Paul

I havent been keeping an eye on thie thread recently. I played with AGP settings and have reduced the problem, although not eliminated it - some days are worse than others.
I'll check what Hauppauge drivers Ive got and either update or reinstall. Strange that it seems inmpossible to nail down a definate cause for this!!
I hope to update my HTPC into the 21st centuary with a dual core CPU and move to TV3 in the near future. Changing the MB will allow me to ditch AGP also and get a better graphics card, now HD is finally on the horizon:)
I'll repost after fiddling with the Hauppauge drivers. The last resort (which Ive used before) is to disable the tv window on the guide page.


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October 21, 2005
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any news on this?
i'm getting the same artefacts with my new LCD tv set (DVI/HDMI connection) as i did with my old Samsung CRT (S-Video connection). gpu is nvidia 7600GS, tuner is i haupp nova-t dvb-t, other current setup is in 'My System' cp.



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December 3, 2006
New Zealand New Zealand
Hi Pirlone,

Sorry - but I still get these on both of my HTPC machines, that both have nvidia video cards. Hauppauge driver reinstall was a red herring - the artifacts came back a few days later.

Only thing I have found is that if I press the back button on the remote so that I go back up "through the window stack" until I get to the home page (and back doesn't work anymore), then I press the guide button there won't be any artifacts, and the preview window will still be playing. I use this whenever the artifacts appear. It only takes a second or two to do this.

The artifacts are the drawing of some of the screen items in the wrong position, and stretching them at stange angles. Usually for me it is the "All Channels" text being stretched across the screen.


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