New DVB subtitle filter (TsReader based)


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  • August 4, 2005

    Something that would need to be fixed on some day :) Maybe we would need to strect the subtitle bitmap (720x576) to match excatly the whole video area.
    We just need to pass the destination rectangle used in PlaneScene to our SubtitleRenderer.Render method, and then stretch the bitmap to that rectangle ( because as you say, thats the actual video area). Its not hard to fix actually, but in the long run we might want to make the SubtitleRenderer a real seperate rendering 'layer' so that it doesnt need to be referenced in PlaneScene.


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    September 1, 2007

    NOTE - USES THE SAME ZIP AS VERSION 6 - Only new MP SVN version (15764 or later) is needed
    Latest SVN for RC1 download is "MediaPortal SVN-Snapshot: 09-05-2007 01-07h - Revision:15757", will your dvbsub2/tsreader work with RC2 ??

    Best regards Kim Olesen


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    March 3, 2007
    Tourettes (and others), this works *PERFECTLY*!!! Thanks, I owe you a beer, If we happen to see sometime :) I have been waiting this for 2 years, and now you have really short way to the goal. Also couple of my friends not using MediaPortal are frequently asking what is the situation of subtitles, and they will try MediaPortal after it works.
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