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  • September 25, 2010
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    Okay, lets clear something up. Because this conversation is happening in two different places (one public, one private) mayeb some things are not being made as clear here as they are int he other thread.

    1) The devs can do whatever they wish. Their time, their money, their software.
    2) The devs deserve love for making apps
    3) 2$ is less than I would charge for the app (yes I said I WOULD CHARGE FOR THE APP)
    4) I am done. I have offered money. I have expressed my opinions. I have done everything I can do to get you to understand the benefits of offering a free version.

    So to conclude. I want everyone to understand that I do not have an issue with a commercial version of the app, I just have an issue with a commercial-only app. And my issue with a commercial-only app only applies to having MediaPortal officially promote it.

    Like I said in the other thread, I can not think of many (if any) open source communities where people who work for free, that will spend their time helping to promote software so that others can make a buck, even if it is only to recoup the cost of "time" (and this time would have to have been taken away from other money making efforts for there to be anything to officially "recoup" imo).

    So, again. I say good job on the app. Those who have downloaded it seem to like it, and I am sure they will continue to download it. So you guys will get out of it what you are looking for. I truly do hope that it works out great for you! =)

    This will be my final comment on this topic. Good luck everyone!!!
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  • November 29, 2010
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    Nice App and i love the touchscreen navigation.
    BUT! i dont see anything that the CouchePotato App can't do?!


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    August 1, 2008
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    Nice plugin, but I don't get it. How/where to put in the MAC, when I want to use the WOL feature ?


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  • June 21, 2010
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    Ok just thinking of it from a neutral position.

    Using Media-portal forums to promote a commercial only product could be seen as inappropriate, and in my opinion it is.

    But saying that, offering a trial should solve the issue and once someone tries it I'm pretty confidant they will buy it.

    Bring on the testers.


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    February 15, 2013
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    @zetus : The MAC address is stored once you connect to the PC using the settings dialog. There you have a list of available hosts in your network. Once you selected a host to connect the MAC address is permanently stored and WOL message is sent once you tap on connect.


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  • May 8, 2008
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    Hey evolution,
    if you run CouchPotato and you are satisfied with it then you should not switch. I used CouchPotato by myself and was frustrated cause of missing iPhone5 Display support and the last Update is almost 2 years ago. So we tried to do it better.
    Hey there, I can totally understand your frustration with the lack of development on CouchPotato :-( I was working on an update when life got in the way. I am back on track now with a complete rewrite but still not much free time so that won't be out tomorrow ... Good luck with MPRemote S!


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    August 1, 2008
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    @zetus : The MAC address is stored once you connect to the PC using the settings dialog. There you have a list of available hosts in your network. Once you selected a host to connect the MAC address is permanently stored and WOL message is sent once you tap on connect.
    Sorry to say, but it doesn't work. I tip in the ip, when the PC is on, and it connects. On the setup page I can see my computer name and I can again connect (and as I understand, there it should store the MAC?)
    Okey, now the PC is in standby. I tip in the ip, and press connect, and notning happens? (I have other WOL apps. and they do work)


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    May 26, 2009
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    Great app! Couchpotato had problems connect to my MediaPortal so I missed an app that worked and this does. But it is somethings I miss:
    • rightclick so that I can change subtitles and soundtrack when I watch a serie or movie
    • See where in the video I am: Example: 33,44:44,43 mins (can be on the top after the name of the video-file
    Have tested it a few days and it works great! Good work, and hope you continue to release updates.


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  • August 29, 2009
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    I'm curious, why didn't you use WifiRemote for the MP plugin? It's already installed by a lot of users, should offer all functions your app requires, has extensive support for MP plugins and has fairly good documentation.

    Regarding the commercial/free discussion, I only want to add that technically your MP plugin (not your app) is required to be open source because of MediaPortal's GPL license. I doubt anyone will sue you for it, but it's certainly appreciated if you follow the license. (Yes, that is true for all MP plugins).


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    February 15, 2013
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    Sorry for the late response. I did not get a email notification about new posts in this thread.
    @Oxan - wifiremote did not fit our needs - as we have further plans with the plugin and we wanted to stay independent.

    @norumen - The right click problem should be fixed with the next update (should be certified by Apple maybe today or tomorrow). I think what you miss is the context menu. The development will go on of course! Next I plan to implement a keyboard and a numeric field for channel number entry. The next update could be a little delayed due to personal stuff (move to another appartement soon).

    @zetus - I will check the WOL function again - for me it worked fine but did not have the possibility to check it with several configurations. Will try to make it more transparent in the future.


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