No Audio/Video Sync when Refresh Rate at 24Hz (maybe other RR too) (1 Viewer)


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  • September 5, 2007
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    Tried the 'ffdaudio decoder filter'. This is a lot better but audio is still out of sync. Most of the times audio and video are almost in sync, but when I stop the film and start it again it can be way off. The out of sync time between audio and video seems to be kinda random. The problem only occurs here only at 24Hz.


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    April 11, 2008
    Im having the same issues with 24hz playback. I am using AC3 filter as the decoder and have tried directsound and reclock and both exhibited the lag. It seems to trail the video slightly. I have been using AC3 filter instead of ffdshow audio because it has caused a slight stutter in 1080p material. I will do further testing with ffaudio but would appreciate people still looking into this issue.

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