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October 7, 2011
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hi guys

first of all a big thank you to all the devs for giving us the best skin on mediaportal in my arrogant opinion.

I particularly like the recently added/watched overlays and have these enabled for TV shows, record TV, movies and music. I get fan art thumbs coming through on the overlays for all except the recorded TV part. when I open up my recordings in the TV server I can see that the default thumb assigned to them is a screen cap of the first few seconds of the recording. but strangely this doesn't come through to the home screen and the overlay. in the recorded TV overlay I get exactly the right latest recordings but no thumbs.

is there a setting I am missing some where like deleting a cache file?

also its there a setting to force MP to refresh these overlays every so often?

thanks again guys


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    Im not sure ay129, but this functionality comes from the Fanart Handler. First be sure you are running the latest version incase there is a bug fix, if it still doesnt work try posting in the Fanart Handler forum with any all logs.

    If you can you might try the default skins which I think have recently added as well just to be sure.

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