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March 16, 2008

I installed MediaPortal 1, version and I can't have WebEPG working. I have 18 channels imported but 0 programs... The log contains a SetupTV-Error file that basically says, for all channels : "GetInternal error: the distant server returned an error : (404) not found" (translated from French...).

I attach the logfs that seem appropriate for analysis...

Could someone help ?


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March 16, 2008
Post from same author... no reply... ?

I checked in the forum and I did not find any immediate answer, so a support would be very appreciated... !


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    it just means that your selected grabber is outdated and links to nonexisting pages.
    Try to use other grabbers.


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    March 16, 2008
    Thank you Vasilich. Would you have an idea how to get an up-to-date grabber for French TNT channels ? Also, could you tell me how to change it ?



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    Thanks @Vasilich for tagging.

    About webepg. The last time I tested. Was without good result.
    The best way for French dvbt is xmltv.
    You can found on french forum. An tuto about it for frenchy. Written by lodeno.
    I wrotte on tapatalk. I cant provide link. But i think you can found it easily.


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  • May 16, 2008
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    why can't you use DVB EPG from your DVB-T tuner?
    French channels only broadcast EPG for about the next 60 minutes - it's just not practical.

    As azzuro said: The xmltv solution is easy to implement, provides full 1-2 week programme information and comes for free. Implementation is a matter of a few minutes only with creating an account on, selecting the channels you want and creating your own personal link to download the xmltv file with the selected programme information.

    @Arno31 : I could not find the tuto that azzuro is mentioning. But here is some detailed explanation too - scroll down until you get to Guide des programmes (epg) en xml via Kazer

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