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June 28, 2016
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1. Every time I exit out of mediaportal 2, the settings for my online video sites, including Netflix and Amazon Prime, reset.
2. Every time I try to play an online video, it plays it in a 2nd window, but does not minimize mediaportal or bring the 2nd window to the foreground so I can actually watch the video. I have to manually switch to the window in order to see it.
3. Once I have set the settings for Amazon Prime, I cannot change them unless I exit out of mediportal 2, at which point all of my settings are reset to default for all of my online videos. If I set the settings in Amazon and I come back to change them, I can click on the setting and nothing happens. It will make the noise, acknowledging that I clicked on it, but nothing pops up.
4. Even with the correct settings (username, password, etc) Amazon Prime will not play videos, at least not in the normal browser mode. I did not want to bother putting in my username and password a 3rd time to try the browser html5 mode for Amazon Prime until the aforementioned problems are fixed.

I'm using the latest version of mediaportal 2 (as of June 28, 2016) on Windows 10

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