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July 16, 2010
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Hi 1st just like to say I've used your skin since the beginning and love it.

With changes you have made to the Notify Dialog it no longer displays thumbs (image id:5) is it possible to either put it back Left or right hand side? Also for Notify's that have a time out I like the new position, but for Notify's that require an enter to continue it's easy to miss thus making you think it's locked up! This dialog is used by the 'YAC Caller-id' plugin that shows who's calling with a thumb / name / number of the caller and pauses live video (if playing) and requires the enter key being pressed to resume. I've been updating this plugin in the forum, but am about to put it back into the plugin's section.

What are your thoughts on this?


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  • August 13, 2007
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    Hi, as promised , I have completed the Basic Home Editor for PureVisionHD 6.6 (with the incredible help of the expression expert @Pog) :p

    Here's a first look :
    Suppose we want the entry for TV Seriesn also in the TV menu. Therefore, we first go into Skin Settings and click the new button BasicHome Editor:


    The BasicHome Editor appears :


    Now we click in the TV menu on the position on which we want to have TV Series (here instead of TVWishListMP) and select the plugin TV Series from the list:


    Now we see TV Series as a new menu item in the menu list :


    We go back to BasicHome, and voila:


    The changes made are immediately visible in all themes.
    All LatestMedia and all hover icons are automatically displayed correctly - it's really easy now to adapt your favourite skin to your needs ;)
    By the way, you can place any plugin at any location in any menu, e,g, you may want to set up your TV menu with TV Series, MailTip, ScoreCenter etc.
    All changes are immediately effective and visible.
    So I wish you already today a lot of fun with PureVisionHD 6.6 and the brand new Skin Editor - unfortunately you must wait a little longer until MP 1.7 PreRelease is published ;)
    If you can´t wait, you may test it already now - just report here, and I´ll send you the 1.7 prerelease as well as the new skin via PM ;)
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